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2020 Popular Fashion Trends to Use During the Pandemic

Because of the current global health emergency happening across the world, people are forced to stay at home for their safety and the safety of others. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t look good at the comfort of your own home. Since most people are urged to stay at home, you might be thinking that there’s no need to flaunt the new clothes bought a few weeks ago or the cool souvenirs from your last trip. In reality, it’s a perfect time to start wearing what you want.

Even though most industries have been temporarily shut down because of the current global crisis, the e-commerce industry is flourishing. Although there might have been some trade restrictions made to stave off the spread of the new lingering disease, e-commerce has remained stable. Sales from most e-commerce stores have risen by at least 28%. So even though you might be throwing a hissy fit knowing that you can’t go out to get that faux leather jumpsuit that you’ve been clamoring for, there are always ways of getting a fresh new pair of threads.

Since a considerable amount of the population is not allowed to go out, unless they have something essential to do, most malls, stores, and commercial spaces will be closed. You can finally start wearing your favorite jumpsuits, jackets, and victorian dresses without people judging you. But if we need to go out, what are some choices to wear while we’re out and about?

Popular Fashion Trends For 2020

Even though you won’t be able to shop in stylish clothing boutiques or flaunt your newly-bought threads in cafes and commercial spaces, you can still keep a good fashion sense for yourself. But if there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, we have to keep a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Although we want to make heads turn our way, we don’t’ want to compromise our safety as well.

Puffed Up Victorian Dresses

The 19th century saw the rise of Victorian-inspired sleeves that were puffed up and flared. This type of dress was hybridized with current modern fashion statements, which were able to give a contrast towards a slimmer waistline.

Leather Jumpsuits

It might look a bit eccentric at first, but these jumpsuits will blend in with any event that you’ll go to. With everything that’s happening these days, you can say that covering your skin from exposure to the air means that you’ll be less likely to get infected.

Leather jumpsuits are so versatile that you can use it in virtually any situation. Whether you’re riding a motorbike, protecting yourself from the rain, or you’re just in the mood to try out a one-piece garment, jumpsuits are a go-to in these times.

Lounge Bras and Comfort Wear

sleepwearLet’s face it: the majority of the time, people are just going to be staying at home. If we’re just going to stay in a place that we’re most comfortable with, it’s best also to get comfortable. Since it’s summer and it’s only going to get warmer, then having lounge bras and comfort wears can us feel even more liberated than usual. Nothing feels as good as pampering ourselves while we’re home.

If you’re annoyed by how tight your bras are and how they can injure a part of your chest, you won’t have to worry about bralettes; they’re quite comfortable and cozy.

Rattan Face Masks

Around four to five months since the flare of COVID-19 cases at the beginning of 2020, governments around the world have been urging citizens to wear facemasks to counter infection rates. However, this has made a significant impact on pollution levels in the span of those five months. Of course, we do want to protect ourselves, but not at the expense of nature.

What’s a proper way of protecting ourselves while still be stylish and eco-friendly? Rattan face Masks are known for using rattan fabric which is known for being flexible, and durable. Not only will rattan face masks decrease the level of pollution in your area, but they can help filter out dust and other particles in the air.

Just like most furniture and interior design styles this year, 2020’s fashion trends are paying homage to different parts of our history. There’s an uptick of eco-friendly products that can help with the environment. Ultimately, this will all boil down to your personal preference in the matter. Whether you’re just staying at home if you’re an essential worker who needs to work outside, it’s never too late to make yourself look good!

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