3 Common Types of Wedding Ring Repairs

As a man, purchasing yellow gold wedding rings and other jewelry for her is probably one of the best ways to show your commitment to the relationship. The ring will serve as a constant reminder throughout her lifetime of your love. That said, you need to invest heavily in the piece of jewelry to ensure you get a product that not only has an aesthetic appeal, but also durable.

Unfortunately, even the best-crafted piece of jewelry often wears over time. This means, that the probability is quite high that the cherished gold ring would require some repair or refurbishing at some point.

Fortunately, today’s top jewelry repair shops often combine modern technology and old artisanship to come up with excellent results. Read on to learn about the various kinds of repairs that you are bound to do.

1. Setting Repairs

Setting damage is the most popular type of damage to a ring. The prong settings will most likely warp, twist or shift, leading to the stone becoming loose. This kind of problem is most common with antique rings and those with an intricate setting. In the case of antique rings, the problem is prevalent due to the difference in the craftsmanship of the ring.

The standard remedy for a loose setting is having it repositioned to ensure a secure fit. You should, however, know that this does not always work and if the damage is significant, the setting may have to be replaced. Thicker prongs may be the best option in this case.

2. Band Repairs

Band damage is often a result of the frequent wearing of your ring. This makes this type of damage hard to avoid, as you have to wear your ring frequently. With time, the ring’s band may get scratches, warps or stretches. While the scratches resulting from daily wear may not significantly affect the rings beauty, it is always best to have them polished off.

In the case the marks are deep you may opt to have the ring recoated. The solution to warped rings is having them reshaped.

3. Ring Resizing

Wedding rings different sizes

The body’s weight is bound to fluctuate with time leading to the need of having the ring resized. The resizing is of importance because a loose ring often is hooked to small obstacles and may lead to further damage. On the other hand, a tight ring causes quite the discomfort. That said, in the case the ring is too loose, the standard solution is the addition of a spacer.

This method is effective, as it does not make any permanent changes to the ring. For a tight ring, the jeweler adds a bit of metal. You should know that this might lead to permanent damage to any details that had been engraved on the ring.

For you to ensure that the ring is repaired correctly, always ensure you give the jeweler as much information as possible about the ring. If you can, provide them with a lab certificate that has all the information about the ring.

It is common to find a majority of the women fretting over ring repairs, but with the right jeweler, everything is bound to go right.

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