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3 Gardening Tools for Millennials

Millennials have created the impression that they are unlike the previous generations. This group of people has proven to be attention cravers, frequent travelers, and tech-savvy. They also value their relationships, especially with their families; therefore, they look for work-life balance, choosing billable hours with a flexible schedule over high pay.

When it comes to knowledge acquired by their ancestors, however, some millennials are at a loss—case in point, gardening. A survey conducted by students at Berkeley University found that 91% are interested in plants, but 71% don’t know how to keep them.

If you’re one of these people, here’s what may help you:

1. Residential Greenhouse Kits

Residential greenhouses are the future of gardening for several reasons:

  • Gardening requires the understanding of climate and weather. You may not know that or have the time to know. Greenhouses allow you to control the temperature inside. With the help of temperature monitors, you can adjust the temperature by either opening the vents, using the air conditioner (for indoor ones), adding a dehumidifier, and so on. In other words, it’s easier for you to control the “weather” inside the greenhouse.
  • Some plants require a specific climate. If you want strawberries all year round, sunny weather is not your best friend. But with greenhouses, you can extend its gardening season thanks to the controllable temperature.
  • Grow the plant you’ve always wanted. Can’t find the vegetable you’ve been craving? Plant it. The temperature control will help you get the results you want.

2. Gardening Apps

Woman holding a tablet while checking the plant

One of the apps on its way to development is Berkeley Engineering’s IEOR290 – Gardening of the Future. This app is built on the premise that millennials are unfamiliar with gardening; hence, this will be their aid. It’s somewhat like the Siri of gardening.

The users have the option to choose a plant that suits their requirements based on the data they input in the app. For example, if they want a plant that may be harvested in a month and does not need to be watered regularly, the app will show them a list of plants that match these criteria.

If they encounter a problem while raising their veggies, they may also consult the app for any help. Of course, to satisfy the need for attention, this app allows for social media upload of the plant’s progress.

3. Self-Watering Plants

Just to clarify, the plants do not really water themselves. Instead, the container automatically waters the plants. Most of the containers are DIY. There are several tips on the web you can follow. You may also buy a ready-to-use one if you prefer.

Some innovations to watering these days include a plant pot that holds your herbs and lights your room as well. These are called the plant pot lamp. These lamps also feature self-watering. You just have to add the water one time and the lamp will do the rest. The light from the lamp also helps your herbs grow.

Greenhouses, gardening apps, and self-watering containers are only the beginning of gardening in the future. As more people find the need to grow their own crops but lack the space and time to do so, more innovative ideas will come up. While waiting for what’s to come, you can make do of what is available today.

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