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3 Terrific Tips in Throwing a Last-Minute Office Party

Whether it’s in celebration for a milestone, unexpected good news, or a birthday, office parties are great a great way to promote and maintain morale, build synergy and relationships in the workplace, and give your workforce a much-needed break from the demands and stresses of the job. Generally, office parties are planned and prepared weeks or days in advance, but there may be times wherein you’ll need to pull one off at short notice — perhaps your office (or the one assigned to plan and prepare it) forgot or was too busy to do so, or your office simply decides right there and then that the occasion/news/development calls for a party.

Regardless of whichever reason or constraint your office has to throw a last-minute party, you’ll want to take note of the following tips to help you pull off an enjoyable and memorable office party at short notice:

#1 Make a Budgeted List of Party Must-Haves

The first question you’d want to ask is what you need, and how much you’re willing to spend — the latter is arguably more important when you’re using your office’s funds to finance the last-minute party. Make a list of what food, drinks, and other items you’ll need for the party and set a budget for each. You’ll want to be more flexible when it comes to food, especially since you don’t have the luxury of time. You could also assign people in charge of acquiring and preparing the items on your list. Lastly, if you’re planning on having some games for the party, make sure to include the things you need for those games as well.

Dietary Restrictions – When you’re drawing up your list, it’s essential to ask your office regarding dietary restrictions. Those preparing the list should be wary of allergies and digestive conditions, religious dietary considerations, and also dietary lifestyle choices (such as vegetarianism, veganism, and so on). In other words, you should make sure that there are enough food options so that everyone can enjoy the party.

#2 Do It in the Office

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While you do have the choice of bringing the party to a different location outside your office (perhaps a bar or restaurant), it may not be the most convenient or cheapest option. Instead, you should consider using your office’s conference room, lobby, or cafeteria as your makeshift party venue. After picking, you should assign a few people to arrange and prepare the selected venue to be party-ready. Don’t worry or even bother about the décor, a simple sign written on paper is enough as people are more likely to focus on the food and the event itself when it comes to last-minute parties.

#3 Be Smart About Ordering and Getting Food Delivered

You might be tempted to have the food you’ve listed delivered to your office. While it is the most convenient option, you need to consider how much time you have left before the party starts. You should always anticipate delays and also take into account weather conditions and even the amount of food you’ll be ordering. If you’re short on time, you might as well go out and purchase the food in person. But remember to call the restaurant/bar/food establishment you’re planning to purchase form to confirm whether or not the particular dish/food item is available and if they can prepare it for you for pickup. So, if you’re planning on getting your donuts and other desserts from your local bakery in Sterling Heights, make sure that you give them a call first.


As with all things done in short notice, a last-minute party can be quite challenging to pull off, but with these simple tips, you can achieve a memorable and enjoyable impromptu office party.

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