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3 Ways to Avoid Thyroid-Related Problems

The thyroid gland’s main function is to convert iodine into hormones to help regulate and control the energy your body uses. Without it, the body’s overall hormone production will be affected, which can disturb and slow down your body’s normal process.

Hypothyroidism is the most common disease many people experience. Those who are suffering from it are struggling to control the way they manage their body’s normal function, especially their weight. That’s why if there’s something you can do to lessen the chance of having those disease, you would be more than willing to try it.

An American Fork expert in endocrinology breaks down some of the things you can do to keep your thyroid gland healthy. Below are some of them:

1. Find the Right Veggies and Fruits

Fresh produce is among the most effective ways to keep your thyroid as well as your body healthy. Choose veggies and fruits that have high antioxidant content. This food group is important since it fights off free radicals in your system, which protects the cells from breaking down. Fruits and vegetables like berries, cherries, tomatoes, and bell peppers are great to incorporate into your daily diet.

In case you are diagnosed with a thyroid problem, there might be a set of food items you’re not allowed to eat. Food groups under the cabbage family, for instance, are prohibited since they are said to hinder thyroid functions. The same goes for consuming soy products. If you want to drink or eat anything under such food groups, it’s best to consult your doctor.

2. Stay Away From Alcohol and Tobacco Products

Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine are the biggest enemies of your thyroid. These substances constrict the blood flow in your body. For alcohol and caffeine, it’s important to limit your consumption. Ask for your physician’s advice to find out how much of these substances can your body take. Don’t go over that limit to maintain a healthy thyroid.

As for tobacco, there is no acceptable intake — just don’t smoke. Aside from your thyroid, nicotine can be harmful and damaging to your body so might as well give it up completely.

3. Level Up Your Cardio Activity with Exercise

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Time to get moving and get into some serious aerobic activity. Studies show that being active can improve the overall circulation of your blood as well as your thyroid hormones. However, you need to do this gradually especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle prior to exercise.

Before you go into a full-blown workout routine, start off with a good 20 to 30 minutes walking. Then as you continue to go on, your body may now be well adjusted to more intense activity.

The thyroid gland might be a small part of your body, but its functions affect your hormone levels, which is enough reason to take care of it. May these things serve as a guide to help you maintain a healthy thyroid. Along with these, it’s necessary that you consult a physician on a regular basis to monitor your overall condition.

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