3 Ways to Treat Binge Eating If You’re on a Budget

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Are you fond of eating too much fries, but you can’t seem to fight the urge? You could be a binge eater. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. The National Eating Disorders Association says binge eating is one of the most common eating disorders in the U.S.

The good news is that there is help. Even better, there’s help you may get for free or at a low cost.

Here are some of them:

Treatment Centers

Visiting a compulsive eating treatment center is your best bet. You get the professional help and support you need from peers. In addition, treatment centers usually offer different options for patients. There is a hospitalization program, outpatient program, aftercare, and so on.

However, what’s stopping binge eaters from going to the facility is the price of the treatment. Fortunately, binge eating is now officially recognized by DSM-5 as a disorder separate from Other Specified Feeding and Eating Disorders (OSFED), which means insurance companies may cover it.

States such as Missouri have also expressed their support for binge order treatment; hence, insurance companies must comply. What you need to do now is to ask your provider and discuss the coverage.

Support Group

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Another affordable (and mostly free) method to treat compulsive eating is to join a support group. Experts mention that having a dedicated support group is highly beneficial for those suffering from the disorder.

The first group of people you can run to, of course, is your family. Let them know that you want to be free from the disorder, so they could help you with it. They may do so by being wary of your triggers and avoiding them. Say, for example, stress and boredom provoke you to start eating uncontrollably, your loved ones can help you find a way to entertain yourself and relax.

If your family is not available, some people on the Internet could be your alternative sources of support. Several websites offer free support for people suffering from different disorders, and reading their stories should also motivate you. You can also find an online buddy whose primary role is to check on you and your progress.

Lifestyle Changes

Home remedy is another option to treat binge eating disorder, but remember that doing it on your own may be difficult. Changing your lifestyle starts with having the determination to do so and understanding yourself.

The next step is to list down your triggers and avoid them. Do something else if you start feeling like the triggers are happening. Remember that your mind could be your biggest enemy; learn how to control it.

Don’t go on an extreme diet. Don’t starve yourself when you feel like eating. Instead, replace it with something healthier, such as fruits and fruit juices. You may also curb your hunger pangs by drinking plenty of water. Another addition to your routine is having a new environment. You may either move to a new place or rearrange furniture at home. Then include exercising in your routine. A simple walk around the neighborhood every day will do.

Remember that these three methods are best applied together, especially when you can no longer control yourself no matter what you do. A professional can provide the assistance, advice, and treatment you need. Seeking help from professionals gives you a plethora of options, so you’ll know which method suits you best.

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