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4 Common Mistakes Utahns Make When Getting a New Water Heater

White water heaterHaving a functioning water heater is a must in Utah. After all, all things warm is necessary in a cold country. Although the real mistake is not having enough supply of hot water day and night, making a bad decision when buying a new heater is something many homeowners regret for a long time.

To avoid being one of them, keep these errors of judgment in mind before making a purchase:

1. Forgoing Repair

First of all, don’t retire your old unit if it can be fixed. Experts from providers like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC would note that typically, the cost of water heating repair in Salt Lake City pales in comparison to that of replacement. This is especially true if your unit is relatively new. If the issue is a manufacturing defect, the product warranty may even cover the cost of labor and replacement parts.

But then again, age alone can’t determine whether tune-ups can save your water heater. The extent of damage should logically be the main differentiator in pursuing repairs and spending on a replacement project. Get expert advice to figure out the more reasonable route to take.

2. Ignoring the Big Picture

If you must buy a new unit, don’t choose a replacement without considering energy efficiency. Heaters can accomplish the main job, which is to produce hot water, but not all of them can do it efficiently.

Find out how much power your prospective product requires to generate the output you need. The design of the water heater says a lot about its energy efficiency. For instance, the tankless kind wastes far less thermal energy than its traditional storage counterpart does because the former only heats water on demand.

Remember that owning a water heater is a long-term expense. Any unit will cost you money over time, but an efficient model will minimize your monthly expenses provided that your hot water usage doesn’t change.

3. Choosing an Improperly Sized Unit

Plumber fixing the water heaterCapacity is a key factor shouldn’t overlook when buying a new water heater. Getting a highly energy-efficient unit isn’t practical if it doesn’t supply adequate hot water.

Generally, a small water heater is big enough to a nuclear family. The number of occupants in your house, however, won’t suffice to judge whether your prospective unit is too small or not. Usage and timing also matter. If you have a big family but not everyone takes a bath at the same time during the day, a relatively small water heater might work.

4. DIYing Everything

Regardless of your opinion about hiring a professional, it’s wise to seek expert advice and leave the installation to specialists. You shouldn’t buy from the local hardware store to gain access to high-quality products.

In most cases, professional-grade water heaters are accessible through licensed plumbers only. Professionals also offer consumer-grade units, but they’re just base products. If you take quality, safety, and workmanship seriously, don’t tackle your water heater replacement project alone.

Overall, buying a new heater is sometimes a consideration, not your only option. But when it’s necessary, make sure to mull over it to avoid making a regretful decision.

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