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4 Water Activities You Should Try in Your Trip to Alaska

You might already have a dream itinerary for your vacation trip to Alaska. However, you will miss out on a lot of fun if you choose not to pursue the water activities available. Alaska has so many tourist spots and local scenes that will make your trip memorable. Despite the many options you have, you should dedicate a few days of your trip to experience the otherworldly beauty of Alaska’s aquatic environment. If you manage to make room in your Alaska itinerary for water activities, here are a few things you should put on top of your to-do list.

Take the Glacier Tour

Alaska is known for its vast mountains topped with snow and ice. With the climate of the world heating up, glaciers will make you feel like you are visiting another planet. You can paddle through rivers to observe the massive land of ice beyond the horizon.

There are a lot of day tours available should you decide to take a glacier tour. First, choose your preferred mode of transportation for visits. You can tour glaciers by boat, train, or car. If you have extra cash on hand, you should consider taking the helicopter tour. The Davidson Glacier allows tourists to travel by boat through the rainforests. You might get the chills when visiting glaciers while paddling on a river, but it will provide you with a precious experience.

Observe Wildlife

If you are a tourist with a passion for nature photography, then you will have an amazing experience observing wildlife in Alaska. Land animals like the brown bear and the bald eagle will be a pleasurable sight to see. However, the aquatic animals of Alaska will take your trip to new heights. Tourists can take wildlife tours that will take them to areas where humpback whales surface. You will also be able to observe sea lions and otters swimming. If you are feeling adventurous, you may try to swim with the energetic orcas. Wildlife is thriving in Alaska, which is why you should grab the opportunity to witness it during your vacation.

Try Water Sports

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Some tourists will be looking for an adrenaline rush during vacation trips. If you belong to the daring category, you should consider engaging in water sports. Kayaking, whale watching, and paddling will help you feel relaxed during your trip. If you are a thrill-seeker, you should consider trying whitewater rafting with your friends. Riding zodiac boats will allow you to go where you want. There is no shortage of exciting activities you should try when visiting the aquatic world of Alaska.


Tourists will need to take a day off from all the tiring activities they will go through in Alaska. However, you should still come up with a way to rest while enjoying your experience in the country. Fishing requires minimal effort, which makes it the best choice for tourists who want to sit back for a day. You can capture beautiful fishes for sport or your next meal. You will have experienced guides to help you catch with your bait. If you want to catch fish all day, you should consider getting a fishing lodge in Alaska.

Alaska provides tourists with a lot of exciting activities both in water and land. You might be more inclined to stay dry, but you should not miss out on the once-in-a-lifetime experience of immersing in the aquatic scene of Alaska.

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