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5 Minimalist Bathroom Ideas That Will Simplify Your Life

The bathroom might be the most underrated room in your house. For all the important things you do there, like showering, doing skincare routines, and maybe even practicing your dance moves in front of the mirror, it’s often the last room you ever think of improving. The amazing thing is that life becomes a tad bit simpler when you decide to pay attention to it. Calmer, too, if you consider how much more convenient donning your best look for the day becomes.

A specific aesthetic helps you achieve this much faster and easier–minimalism. That’s right, pulling out the excess and achieving that minimalist look is the best way to give your bathroom the increased functionality and improved appeal it deserves.

Remove Boundaries

Regardless of your bathroom is big or small, it will always benefit from having more breathing space. Removing boundaries is becoming a popular choice among homeowners because it increases the bathroom’s living space. Assess yours right now and see for yourself how traditional designs box showers and toilets. They leave you feeling claustrophobic and force you out of the room, and neglectful of your self-care routine.

A boundary-less design usually consists of no partitions or alternatives that do not cramp the space. Look for glass shower doors that suit your bathroom style. Consider replacing your bathroom tiles with something plain and elegant that can also be used on your walls. Choose a shower pan that seemingly blends with your flooring and opt for floating vanities. These will inevitably help you disregard corners and partitions that can be jarring to look at. ;

Go Natural

One reason why minimalist design is so calming is that it thrives on natural materials and their appeal. When you use quality appliances and furniture that don’t need additional embellishments to look good, there’s less clutter. You also develop a better connection with nature. Think wooden sinks and vanities, slate tiles, and metal lighting fixtures. Take advantage of natural textures like jute containers and opt for an earth-tone palette. Go for a sea blue or leaf green wall, with earth brown flooring.

Play with shades, too, but stick to one or two colors that make you feel most at home in your bathroom. If you’re on a budget, go for laminated bathroom wall panels in natural designs. Marble designs and cracked cement are some of the top options in the market today. Regardless of what you choose, you can finally eliminate your scrub brush because these wall panels are grout-free and totally agreeable to any minimalist.

Let It Float

The appeal of floating vanities is that it lets you retain or increase the storage space you need in your bathroom without making it look like it’s brimming. Should you need additional storage, it’s easy to slip square wicker baskets under your floating vanities without ruining its charm. You can add strategically placed open shelves on the wall, too, for all your bath towels and skincare equipment and products. If you prefer closed shelves, consider using glass or a pattern similar to your wall. The goal is to make the entire bathroom look streamlined by removing too many details, and using those alternatives to “blend” them in the background will help. And the best part? Your bathroom will look effortlessly chic regardless of the times.

Create Ambiance with Light

Lighting is a minimalist’s best friend. You have tons of options that will suit your budget, and they create amazing results that will help you embrace the concept of “less is more.” Of course, you should still practice caution because there’s always the danger of overdoing it or making the wrong choices. If you’re using laminated wall panels as previously recommended, you’ll find it easier to light up a room. The same applies to vanities that have glossy surfaces. They will bounce light around and minimize your energy usage. Floor lighting is also good for that serene feeling in the evening, and in the morning, you can let in natural light through the window.

Maybe you haven’t heard, but bigger windows are the new trend in bathrooms thanks to modern designs and privacy glass films. You also have the more practical option of using cafe curtains to keep the lower half of the window shielded while using the upper half to let in natural light.

As simple as that

Do you get a better picture now of how much simpler life is with a minimalist bathroom? It doesn’t go out of trend, and you have countless options in the market that will suit your preferences. That’s not to mention how much more inviting it is to get that relaxation time you deserve.simple bathroom

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