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5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Mattress

A new mattress changes all aspects of your life. Besides, a lack of sleep leads to an array of issues such a decline in health, irritability, and poor diet. Unfortunately, most people don’t invest in their sleep. A recent survey reveals that thousands of people in America sleep on a mattress that is more than two decades old, which affects their productivity and health.

You know it is time to buy a new dress when it gets a tear or replace the grill when it becomes rusty. However, most people don’t know when it is time to replace their mattress. The truth is that they endure poor-quality sleep or the sagging poking coil because they don’t consider mattresses as things that should be replaced. When you purchase a new mattress from a mattress store in Salt Lake City, you are assured of improved sleep quality and overall health.

1. Your mattress is old

You need to buy a new mattress if your current one is more than three decades old. Besides, it has already served you for several years. Surprisingly, mattresses that are over seven years old lose their comfort with the daily use. You might have already noticed some signs of wear and tear if your mattress is older than seven years.

2. You have poor overall health and well-being

Your health is affected by an array of components. Most people pay close attention to exercise and diet, and they forget the importance of quality sleep. A good mattress keeps you healthy and happy because it aids in a good night’s sleep, which is crucial. You should invest in a new mattress to enhance your well-being.

3. You can get a great price

One of the reasons you should consider buying a new mattress is when you get a great price deal. End-of-summer and holiday sales can be an excellent time to consider purchasing a new mattress. You should visit your local stores to take advantage of the sales and own a new mattress at an affordable price. Besides, most stores offer a massive selection during sales.

4. You are in pain

Woman holding on to her backIt is time you invested in a new mattress if you have been waking up with aches. Unfortunately, they will continue unless you buy a new mattress, which will offer you comfort at night. Additionally, you must purchase a mattress that suits your needs and matches your sleep style and lifestyle.

5. You get allergies

Mattresses that are older than seven years contain an average of ten pounds of dead skin. The worst bit is that the dead skin cells attract dust mites. Mattresses can house an average of ten million bugs. You should walk into your local mattress store to buy a new mattress if you have been waking up with mosquito-like bites or allergies on your skin.

The right mattress is the centerpiece of your bedroom. You should plan for a new mattress purchase as soon as you notice the signs listed above. Don’t forget to buy a quality mattress that suits your lifestyle and needs.

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