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5 Things to be Aware of as a Student in London

Being a student, especially being one abroad, can be difficult and challenging. Everything around you is new and unfamiliar, which can be a bit overwhelming, especially for the younger ones.

London is definitely a welcoming and beautiful city, but you have to be wise enough to survive the city. Below, we will discuss what things you should be aware of as a student in this city, whether it is about finding the right student accommodation in Central London, making the most out of the travel means in the city, and more.

The Weather

London is known to be a city wherein it rains a lot. Yes, it does rain in the city, but not all the time. However, it often gets cold in London, so you might want to stock up on your jackets, pullovers, and other warm clothes. You might also want to buy an umbrella, raincoat, and wet weather clothes to keep your heating bills low.

The Books

Your books and other school supplies can easily add up, which is why it would be wise to visit the nearest library and see if you can just borrow books from there.

However, not all libraries have complete copies of the books you might need, so you would want to visit stores that sell secondhand books. You can save a lot if you buy secondhand books instead of new ones. Besides, you will just be using them for a couple of months. If you keep them in good condition, you could even sell or hand them over to an underclassman.

The Accommodation

You would most definitely want to sort out your accommodation before heading straight to London. Look for a guide book about accommodations for students, as this can help you greatly. There are lots of choices, including shared housing, halls, hostels, apartments, and more. Study each one and see which will suit your personality and lifestyle the most.

The Transportation

The first thing you have to do once you get to London is to buy an Oyster card. This is a contactless travel card that can be used in London buses, underground, and overground trains. This card offers tons of discounts for students, which means that you will be saving lots of money if you get yourself one.

Other Discounts

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One of the many amazing things about being a student in London is the discounts you will get. A lot of places offer these discounts, so always have your ID ready and ask the establishments if they offer discounts for students. Try asking restaurants, cafes, bookstores, and even clothing shops.

You can even get a National Union of Students card for additional discounts, but you should always try using your student ID first as this lots of benefits anyway.

Preparing for the life that you are about to live as a new student in a foreign city is important. Get accustomed with what London has to offer to its students and live the best life in the city today!

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