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5 Ways to Keep Industrial Bead Roller in Tip-Top Shape

Bead rolling is the process of making a sheet metal stiffer making it durable. It can both strengthen and create designs on the metal sheets of vehicles. Whether you’re a company owner, a hobbyist or an employee, an industrial bead roller can come in handy for vehicle’s construction or repair.

Below are five ways you can use a bead roller to improve its functions.

1. Take Care of Your Bead Roller

A bead roller like Baileigh industrial bead roller is heavy duty, but it still needs to be clean and well-maintained to function effortlessly. Cleaning the bead roller regularly ensures that it can do its heavy-duty function and especially after big projects. How do you clean it? Make sure to remove metal shards that are stuck in the crevices of the rollers. Buy a cleaning fluid that’s been advised by the manufacture of your bead roller and use that to clean dirt on the rollers and dies. Apply some grease if there’s a restriction in the movement of the rollers. Doing so can save you time and waste of metal sheets.

2. Have Your Bead Roller Perform a Test Run

If there’s ever a time when you had to do a project but failed because the machine isn’t working correctly then you know it’s frustrating. Performing a test run isn’t only for saving time but more importantly, saving your pieces from getting ruined. A test run can dictate how you’ll turn your sheet metal. The test run is more like a layout for your final piece to make sure it’s of good quality. It’s also helpful when the project is in big pieces.

3. Use a Bead Roller Fence

A bead roller fence can help achieve lines that are straight. It also lessens the risk of anyone getting an accident from the process. The fence contains 6-inch long plates on one side where the edge of the panel is located against it. It also attaches to the edge of the bead roller.

4. Flex It

Some bead rollers have a bit of flex, but it’s okay to let it flex and to start rolling the beads. There will still be some flex to the frame, but it’s not a problem when there’s pressure on the wheels and roller handle. The bead rollers can help in removing the flexing making the pieces rigid. Also, after one bead rolling operation, the sheet metal pieces will stop flexing.

5. Counting the Turns

Counting the turns is needed when trying to make beads with the same measurements. This is done by giving the right tension amount, and spacing in the bead roller dies. It’s also important to remember the number of turns needed for the results has to be the same. Don’t forget to count the number of turns of the dies if the method has to be repeated.

The presence of bead roller is a marvel for manufacturers and hobbyists because it makes work easier. The amount of time you spend using it on a metal sheet is cut down compared to cutting by hand. The end product is also stronger and precise. Doing these helpful steps can allow users of the bead roller to have quality end pieces and durable machine.

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