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6 Unique Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings are one of the most important events in any relationship, especially if you’re sharing your vows with your true love. Although the ceremony is the best part of the event, we can’t deny that the real party starts at the wedding and wedding reception venue in Salt Lake City.

However, testing your credit limit to have a reception at your dream venue can be a recipe for disaster. So, before you even consider it, here are a few ways to still have the best wedding celebration without going beyond your budget.

1. Marry on a less popular day

We all know that most events usually occur on weekends. However, choosing a less popular day can help you score on your dream venue.

Since off-peak days aren’t typically full, sites will charge you less than the typical fee. You’ll have better chances of negotiating the prices with the vendors since they won’t have any other bookings for the same date. Thus, helping you save a lot more in return.

2. Set a budget

You should set a clearly defined budget on every aspect of your wedding, including a budget for the venue. Set a hard minimum so that you won’t worry about going over the funds.

You can start by listing all the expenses that you need for the venue. You can include fixed costs such as outdoor furniture and the band.

3. Choose a unique venue

Although it’s quite tempting to hold your wedding at the closest venue, thinking outside the box can help you save more money in the long run. You can try looking for other unique alternatives such as a country club, local restaurants, or even a gallery space. These sites can offer you a better deal while making your wedding reception an experience to remember.

4. Get married in the afternoon

Guests throwing confetti over the newly wedsDoing it on midday is an excellent time for a reception. Not only will it be fun for all the guests, but you’ll also save more money on the space. Since the time of the event won’t take the evening slot, you’ll likely slash a significant amount on the rent.

5. Choose the closest people to you

Although trimming your guest list isn’t easy, you’ll notice that your savings will soon increase the moment that you do it. If you think about it, you’ll be saving a lot on catering by accommodating a few people. However, it also means that having a smaller space means that you’ll also have fewer needs for rentals and decors.

6. Take control of your floral budget

We all know florals can be expensive during weddings. So, try your best to decide on a color scheme that uses colorful natives but with lesser flowers. You can even supply your vases or ask a couple of your friends to bring one for you.

There are several ways to help you save money on reception expenses. You should always remember that the primary purpose of the event is to celebrate your union. So, enjoy the rest of the day and stop worrying about it.

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