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Treat Yourself: 6 Ways to Spice Up Your Weekend at Home

Saying that these past two years have been challenging is an understatement. The global pandemic brought out anxiety you never thought you would have. This anxiety is due to reduced social interaction and financial woes. Also, news about the rising unemployment rate can stress you out. A recent study shows that 65% of the people in the UK experience increased stress.

Keeping your mind intact during a crisis is a feat. You should take a break to ease your worries and unwind after a productive workweek. Here are five ways to treat yourself this weekend as you stay in the comfort of your own home.

Start your weekend right by disconnecting from social media

Have you ever heard of the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?” Being glued to social media has become a lifestyle. However, you should limit your social media use before it is too late to wean yourself off the habit. Take a break from all the alarming news you’ve been seeing the whole week. Detaching yourself from all the negativity on social media for two days will bring you peace of mind.

Watch your favorite movies or shows

The best way to relax is to binge-watch your favorite television shows or movies. Wear that “Team Jacob” shirt while rewatching the Twilight series or catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite reality show or anime. This weekend is about you, so you can watch whatever your want.

Start a solo jam session

A long period of isolation can stir up anxiety. Luckily, music is one thing that the pandemic hasn’t taken away. The 2020 Music and Brain Health Survey states that listening to music is good for your mental health. Play upbeat songs to get in the zone as you exercise. If you want a relaxing nap, play recorded nature sounds. You can also dance to your favorite high school track on full blast and sing your heart out. Music therapy has been around for centuries. It’s not only entertaining but also helpful in uplifting your mood.

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Eat whatever you want

There is no better way to treat yourself than to enjoy every bite of your favorite meal. They call it comfort food for a reason. Finish a pint of ice cream or drink a bottle of beer. Binge-eating from time to time is a good way to lift your spirits. Moreover, certain food can evoke memories. Eating your favorite meals without counting the calories can bring you peace of mind.

If you enjoy cooking, perfecting a recipe can give you a sense of accomplishment. But there’s nothing wrong with slacking off and getting food delivered instead. Finish a whole box of pizza by yourself. Buy that fancy wine and drink it from the bottle.

Pamper yourself with aromatherapy

You’ve disconnected from social media and played that funky music. Your cravings have been satisfied. Now, the next thing you’ve to do is to light some therapeutic scented candles. COVID-19 has brought a new level of fear. With an airborne virus, people can’t just simply stroll on parks anymore, let alone travel the world. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the outdoors to your doorstep. Let your eucalyptus and lemon-scented candles take you to the beaches of the Caribbean. And you can imagine yourself camping at California’s Big Bear Lake with some home mist. Also, you can light incense in your bedroom or light a scented candle in the bathroom. Aromatherapy is one of this decade’s best stress relief remedies since it’s cheap.

Wrap it up with skincare

Stress sometimes results in acne breakouts. Skincare shouldn’t just be a weekend routine. Taking care of your skin is not only good for your physical health but also for your self-esteem. Having well-pampered skin leads to confidence. This is something you should do daily, but going extra every weekend can help you relax. Dim the lights and light a few scented candles. Drop your bath bombs into your bathtub and listen to calm music. Let the warmth whisk your worries away as you read the novel you’ve put aside for years. A long, steamy shower coupled with essential oils can also be relaxing if you prefer something easier to prepare. Then, put on some clay mask and exfoliate your skin with a light face massage. To cap it all off, look at the mirror and see that radiant glow.

Putting in a hard day’s work can be fulfilling, but it can be unhealthy, too. Once you meet your deadlines for the week, take some time off and enjoy your weekend. Remember that relaxation can increase your productivity.

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