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A Comprehensive Guide to Facial Volume Loss: 3 Practical Solutions

Facial volume loss causes by far the highest proportion of aging symptoms. Almost all the visible signs of aging can be traced back to volume loss. Now, you must be wondering what the science behind this phenomenon is. And most importantly, is this problem reversible? Can we rejuvenate our face after our facial volume has considerably decreased?

Continue reading, and you will find answers to all your questions. So without further ado, let’s begin by seeing if this phenomenon is natural, or is it simply something that may be troublesome.

Is it Normal if my Facial Volume is Decreasing With Age?

Loss of facial volume is a totally natural process, and it is bound to occur as you, and I get old. To make it more naive, consider the example of a grape. As the days pass, a grape loses moisture and becomes a dry, wrinkled raisin.

Similarly, some natural reactions occur inside our body that causes our face to lose its natural bounce and plump. However, we humans never fail to impress, and hence we have found several treatments that can help us regain that lost volume. But before jumping on to the treatments, let’s have a look at what exactly causes this volume loss.

What are the Root Causes Behind Facial Volume Loss?

Many factors contribute to this loss. Teratogens like Ultraviolet light, chemicals and toxins, smoking, and most importantly, hormonal shifts that occur with age are among the most prevalent factors. Injuries and malnutrition may also add up, resulting in a dull, wrinkled, and skeletal face.

Furthermore, a protein named collagen is a vital variable in keeping our face plump. According to research, a deficit in collagen results in facial volume loss.

Additionally, we can also see that weight loss and stringent dieting may result in a deflated face. According to studies, when the fat tissue beneath the facial skin is lost or dramatically reduced, the face appears flat.

You must already be aware of the common harmful effects of UV light like scars and sunburn. However, prolonged exposure to UV light also causes facial volume loss. Scientists have confirmed that UV rays penetrate deep under the dermis and initiate collagen’s breakdown, ultimately resulting in a skeletal face.

But, if by any chance, you are experiencing facial volume loss, you need not worry. Fortunately, scientists and researchers have developed medical procedures that can lift your face back to new. Here are three of the best methods:

Top 3 Solutions for Treating Facial Volume Loss

Dermal Fillers

If you experience a volume loss on multiple areas of your face, a dermal fille or injectable can help you get back that young bounce and plumpness. Based on composition, there are two primary types of the aforementioned filler: Collagen fillers and Hyaluronic acid fillers.

A collagen filler works by increasing collagen production underneath your facial skin. It causes the skin to regain its fluff by increasing the elasticity and glow.

On the contrary, a hyaluronic acid filler operates somewhat differently. It increases the water retention ability of our skin, making it plumper and bouncier. Regardless, both of these Botox fillers are injectable. Experts administer them to the desired area, and promising results are assured.

Facial Uplift

facial lift

If you are looking for a surgical alternative for treating a volume loss, a facial uplift is all you will need. A facial uplift (rhytidectomy) is a complicated surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon removes any excess old tissue and repositions the face in a more youthful, tighter position.


No one is a stranger when it comes to the term ‘implant’. We use an implant or filler to add volume to the face. They come in all shapes and sizes depending on the area where they are needed.

Professionals usually recommend implants when someone is experiencing severe facial volume loss. An important requirement is that the potential candidate for implantation must have healthy, thick skin to support the implant successfully.

Final Verdict

Experiencing a loss in facial volume is entirely natural, with an increase in age. Therefore, you must not worry one bit if you are encountering such aging symptoms. Alternatively, you should go for the potential treatments that are meaningful.

Be it a filler Botox injection, a facial uplift, or any other procedure, just make sure that you choose professionals to avoid any mishaps. Finally, subsuming the right diet into your plan and taking primary care of your skin by following a strict skincare routine is the key to staying evergreen forever.

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