A Gastronomical Paradise That is Singapore

Singapore is a modern multicultural city-state abuzz with corporate businesses and commercialism in the air. Aside from being a destination for tourists and business travellers, Singapore has a lot more to offer than just your regular sights and tourist destinations.

Food can be considered the heart and soul of a culture, and Singapore never runs out of places to eat. Hawker centres are famous in this modern country because you can get your food fast yet have enough nourishment to last you for hours. It may be a healthier alternative to the typical fast food in the world.

In the old days of Singapore, hawkers are roadside food stalls or pushcart food vendors. It came into existence due to the country’s rapid rise to development. Workers needed good food that is served fast and cheap; thus, the hawker tradition was born. It is uniquely Singapore and is part of its culture.

Travellers, most especially tourists, would like to experience the country’s culture by experiencing the food. There are a lot of places to eat in Singapore, but hawker centres are the best way to immerse in their culture.

Here are a few things that hawker and other food places offer in Singapore. If you are visiting, these are a definite must-try.

The Kopitiam experience

Kopitiam, a portmanteau of the Malay word for coffee (kopi) and Hokkien dialect word for shop (tiam), serves the ultimate breakfast experience. They sell coffee and other local popular dishes. Kopitiam can also be found in hawker centres.

But commonly, it is a regular open-air coffee shop that serves a traditional breakfast meal. The go-to meal of locals consists of kaya toast – crisp slices of bread with butter and kaya, an eggy coconut jam. This is served together with runny soft-boiled eggs and coffee.

Food Republic


This can be considered a hawker centre or food hall, and it can be found at different tourist spots in Singapore. Bringing the best of hawker tradition to tourists and locals alike, they serve several traditional foods.

Newton Hawker Centre

One of Singapore’s famous hawker centres. It was built in 1971 where hawkers settled to serve the public better. Tourists and office workers frequent the place because of the assortment of food that is offered. It is an eclectic mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian street food.

Makansutra Gluttons Bay

A collective assortment of food stalls near the Marina Bay area, this place also offers the best of Singapore’s cuisine. They have satay, mee goreng, dimsum, kebabs and seafood. This is truly a multicultural foodie haven.

Satay by The Bay

Situated near the Gardens by The Bay, despite the name, they offer more than satay. They provide a wide array of food from breakfast to dinner. Visitors can choose from bak kut teh to barbecue chicken wings. They have food and drink stalls operating at different hours.

There are a thousand places to eat, so come and experience the hawker tradition that is uniquely a taste of Singapore. A gastronomical paradise for all foodies at heart, Singapore is a modern city that celebrates its culture through its food.

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