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A Road Trip to Taste the Best Sandwiches Across the US

All states in the U.S. have their unique specialty dishes. But one classic treat that’s predominant in the country is the sandwich—where you can find different versions of it in each State, providing unique flavors that give you a grand welcoming from Alabama to Wyoming. Whether you’re going to revisit a State or travel there for the first time, kick off your trip by trying their local sandwiches.

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From a beloved local delicacy to a part of American history—below are some of the best local sandwiches across the United States.

French Dip — California

The French Dip sandwich is a dinner classic invested in Los Angeles, California. It consists of roasted beef and is served alongside a savory ‘jus,’ a sauce made from the same meat’s natural juices. The beef is then placed on top of a crusty baguette with crisp and caramelized onions and Swiss cheese.

The Bobbie — Delaware

The signature sandwich of Delaware was invented by Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop—and though the shop has migrated to Las Vegas, its heart stays in Delaware. The sandwich contains roasted turkey and the standard holiday fixings like cranberry sauce topped on a hoagie, making it an ode to Thanksgiving that you can never forget.     Kalua Pork — Hawaii   The Kalua Pork is a must-have whenever you’re visiting the sandy and the gorgeous State of Hawaii. It consists of slow-roasted pork shoulders nestled in a bun topped off with pickled kimchi and lettuce slathered in butter, perfected with its unique ‘smoky’ flavors.

The Cuban Sandwich — Florida

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The predominant Cuban immigrant communities of Florida brought one of the best and beloved sandwiches in the U.S., the Cuban sandwich. It’s hard to think of Miami without getting a classic Cuban sandwich. It consists of layers of ham, roasted pork, and Swiss cheese, all draped on chewy Cuban bread smeared with butter. Then, it gets fried on a ‘plancha’ until the topper becomes melted and crisp. It’s topped off with dill pickle and mustard, accentuating the ‘rich’ meats in the sandwich.

Crab Cake — Maryland

The State of Maryland is famous for its decadent crab cakes. Lumps of crab meat, usually dressed in mayo, dijon, and a squeeze of lemon, are the fresh and decadent summer treat everyone deserves. All these ingredients accentuate the crab’s sweetness, making it a perfect balance between savory and sweet. From this, a crab patty is formed, breaded, and fried until golden brown and crispy—all laid on a hamburger bun.

Sloppy Joe — Iowa

Sloppy Joe is ground beef sautéed with crisp onions and slathered in classic barbecue sauce, or ketchup generously poured on top of a hamburger bun—and is a traditional American treat everyone grown to know and love. The original Sloppy Joe originates from Sioux City, Iowa, and has become a classic childhood treat staple for many.

Cheesesteak — Pennsylvania

Arguably one of the United States’ most iconic sandwiches is the Philly cheesesteak, invented by Pat Olivieri, a hot dog vendor in Iowa. This savory and delicious sandwich contains thin-sliced beef smothered in classic American cheese, making for a perfect lunch in downtown Philadelphia.

Bánh Mì — Washington

Because of Washington’s predominant Vietnamese population, the State has crowned ‘Bánh Mì’ as its signature local sandwich. You can easily find an authentic Bánh Mì on the menu almost everywhere you go. It’s a perfect combination of pork, pickled vegetables, and pâté between crusty baguettes—giving you salty, savory, and sweet flavors in one treat.

Although every State has its specialty dishes, a unique regional treat you can get from all states is sandwiches—and those mentioned are some of the best ones in the country, embodying the spirit of each locality and its cuisine. So, next time you go to the U.S., make sure to try their local sandwich for a memorable and delicious experience.

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