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A Simple Guide to Chalk Marker Types

Chalk markers are typically used in schools, restaurants, and many business establishments. Versatile and effective, they come in different material, form, color, and packaging.

Chalk marker types have indeed become so varied, growing out from the traditional, dusty chalk that many of us have become so familiar with. Such types adhere to what any user needs, from what design you are aiming for, how long you want those drawings to last, to the texture and aesthetics.

Traditional Chalk

The old chalk still remains useful and common. The fact that the product has been produced for so many decades makes it a typical first choice when making signs, drawings, and so on, as well as a ready alternative when more modern markers are available.

Chalk is easy to use when shading and making outlines with just the right amount of pressure. You can sharpen it to produce more vivid outputs. Even with the arrival of new markers, the traditional chalk is still used as pre-drawing chalk.

Chalk Pen

Chalk pens may be the most available type of markers in the market. Using ink, they are known for their bright colors and clear applications. Used primarily on glass, metal, and tiles, it is a marker that improved from the use of the regular chalkboard (although they still work on chalkboards).

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There are two types of chalk pens: the waterproof pens and wet wipes. Waterproof markers are used outdoors. They do not come off in wet conditions, whether it be a moist non-porous material or even rain. Wet wipes are the reverse. They easily come off with water, or a moist cloth or sponge.

There are also UV wet wipes, which are fluorescent under darker conditions. Waterproof markers are best for store signs, ceramics, and any glass-related work. Wet wipes are fit for artworks, displays, and boards (e.g., menu boards, activity boards). UV wet wipes are best used in LED flash boards.

Chalk Pencil Crayons

Chalk pencil crayons are best used for sketching. While regular chalk can smudge, chalk pencils do not. Making outlines, whether light or heavier ones, is straightforward. When using this type of marker, there seems to be no fear of messing up with any drawing or outlines being made.

Chalk pencil crayons are actually semi-permanent markers. They are not easily removed, especially when you press harder while using them. To remove them, you only have to scrub it out with an amount of effort.

Permanent Pigment Markers

Speaking of marks that are hard to remove, we have one that is outright permanent. Not normally used for regular drawing or chalkboard tasks, permanent pigment markers are usually applied to stone, glass, metal, and tile.

Of course, they are more conducive for use outdoors as they never fall off in any way (except with some very strong solvents). Even detergent or a special remover, these markers are the true case of extreme pigment durability.

Chalk markers are perfect alternatives to modern print technologies. Easy to use as ever, they can be applied or erased at will. One special thing that markers do is that it somehow extends the artistic hand into the board or material where it is applied on, making the relationship of the user and the artwork more personal.

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