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All About Air Pollution

Due to the developments in technology and machinery, the air we breathe is affected negatively. With the advances in industrial equipment and transportation vehicles, air pollution increasingly happens. Air pollution is something harmful that is released to the environment. It includes smoke, nitrogen, and oxides. According to the World Health Organization, about 7 million people who die because of air pollution.

There are around 4.2 million people who die from outdoor pollution worldwide. The toxicity of the air is a major issue today. Pollution affects not just people’s health but also the environment, including the animals and the trees. Read through the following know about air pollution:

1. Causes of Air Pollution

The dangerous particles released in the environment can cause the contamination of the air. The smoke from cars, cigarettes, factories, and volcanoes are some of the factors that increase pollution. Even both solid and liquid elements are harmful. Aerosol is a good example of this. Aerosol is usually found in groceries and hardware stores. It is in bottles that release mist or liquid particles. Household and car sprays usually contain aerosol, which is a pollutant of the air.

2. Effects of Air Pollution

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Due to the increase in the amount of air pollution, a lot of changes have started to happen. People are affected by their health and well-being. People who breathe in the polluted air experience fatigue, headaches, and anxiety. If it progresses, some diseases can develop in a human’s body. Respiratory diseases and cardiovascular diseases are the hazards of this pollution. The worst is lung cancer which is caused by the harmful smoke that you take in.

3. Prevention

To prevent the escalation of air pollution, organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CACC) have been working together to advocate for fresher air. Their goal is to find alternative ways on how to lessen the pollutants of air by altering the waste management and improving the engines of transportation vehicles. While they are working hand in hand, you must also start to do your own changes to decrease your pollutants. Start by reducing your trips using your own car. If you can walk going to a nearby store, that can be a great help already. Use public transportation for farther places.

Do not burn your trash like leaves and plastics. Manage your trash well by reducing, reusing, and recycling. To help prevent the air contaminants from going inside your house, you can install a widely used system to clean the air. In Salt Lake City, a home air purifier system is commonly the go-to technology of families to ensure that the air they breathe inside their homes is not dirty. It improves the quality of air that your family breathes and it protects you from any germs.

Starting today is the key to a better environment. There are so many methods and habits that can be done to decrease the harmful substances in the air. Be an advocate and help the future generation breathe cleaner and fresher air.

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