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Alternative Medicine: Top 3 Non-traditional Methods to Be as Healthy as a Horse

Right from the get-go, they were called quack medicine. But as their exemplary health results abound, alternative medicine is on the rise. You may even say these not-so-conventional methods are challenging established healing methods. There are cases when current leading treatment techniques fail while alternative methods succeed. And there goes the rub.

Dubbed also as CAM (complementary alternative medicine), alternative medicine has wide support, used by over 62% of American adults. That’s a lot. Its popularity is soaring. There are many sides to the story. But conventional medicine is partially to blame. Not only are old-school methods failing to get relief for sick Americans, but they are also more expensive compared to alternative treatments.

Sure, CAM is still difficult to specify or define. Up to this day, it is still being researched by doctors and other experts. However, many practices and medications have been proven to be effective. To show you, we are detailing three of the most sought-after alternative treatments today.

Intravenous Therapy

Today, there are many ways for your body to have its fair share of essential nutrients. While eating a healthy diet can surely take you there, it’s a method that takes ages. Many who are suffering from health complications due to sheer lack of nutrients simply do not have the luxury of time.

Enter intravenous therapy. One of the fastest ways to get needed body nutrients is via intravenous therapy or treatment. IV therapy has been recognized for its invigorating effects. Best of all, it’s fast as it can be easily delivered within a matter of minutes (30 minutes on average). That’s like the speed of light compared to the long time it takes for nutrients to enter your body via food and a natural diet.

Even better, IV therapy is safe as experts deliver the right amount of minerals through the vein of your hand or arm. And the best part? All those nutrients don’t pass your digestive tract. Nutrients are passed directly to your bloodstream.

In effect, you get higher concentrations of nutrients and reap greater health benefits in the process. The results? You get to boost your memory, reduce stress, and enhance your endurance for a stronger body.

Mind-Body Therapy

Ever since the earlier days of medical care, touch has been considered as part of healing. This is because of the idea that a person’s injury or illness in a specific area affects the whole body. Through manual manipulation or mental interaction, your body can be processed to facilitate mind-body healing. Then, your body can now focus on healing that specific part with an illness or injury.

A perfect example of this therapy is yoga. Though most people refer to this as a form of workout and exercise, yoga is also a great way to reduce stress. Not only that, but research has also proven that yoga can help heal conditions such as insomnia, migraines, anxiety, and depression.

Another example of mind-body therapy is acupuncture. By inserting needles at strategic points in the body, a person’s energy flow is enhanced. The results? You get to relieve pain and deal with other health issues such as blood pressure and headaches.

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Energy Therapy

This therapy focuses on the energy field that many people believe to exist in our body. Moreover, external energies that come from other sources and objects are said to greatly affect an individual’s health.

One of the examples of this is magnetic field therapy. This kind of treatment uses electrical or magnetic fields for people with musculoskeletal problems. Studies have also shown that it can also help with osteoarthritis. And it may also help heal fractures faster. However, this treatment is not safe for pregnant women.

Therapeutic touch is also a type of energy therapy that therapists use to balance a person’s “energy field.” They use their healing energy with a back and forth movement of their hands all over your body.

It may seem questionable at best. But many who have come forward revealed that this method effectively reduces anxiety for people diagnosed with cancer. Certainly, it looks like it’s but a matter of time before therapeutic touch becomes a household word everyone will be talking about.

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