Do you want your website to be a website wonder?

Imagine having a website that the majority of people want to stay on after landing on the home page. Imagine most of them then contacting you to book in for consultations. This is what a website should achieve for your business, but for many, this isn’t the case. It could be because in the popular world of dentistry, most practices have websites, so it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. What’s more, it can be even harder to appear on the first page of the Google results page, let alone be near the top of it. And, when around 25% of people click on the first link they see, you definitely want to be up there with the greats. However, being at the top isn’t just about being great at what you do; it’s all about clever dental SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it’s the tricks of the trade that you will need to get you to where you want to be, regardless of how wonderful your dental practice is.

How does SEO marketing work?

To put it simply, when people search on Google for a service or product, they type in keywords or phrases. For example, someone may search for ‘Invisalign Sydney’ when they are trying to find dental practices who offer this treatment in that place. SEO marketing involves monitoring the keywords and phrases that are used in this way on Google in relation to your business. They can do this through the use of Google Analytics and from learning what these words are, they include them in the content of the websites, so that the website is brought up more prominently on the search engine’s results list. They also use these words in blog articles that are linked to the website and when they are read by people, it increases the website’s position as well. This monitoring has to be done regularly to ensure that the content remains relevant to the keywords and phrases that are being searched for. Inevitably, this will change and then so must the website and the content of the blog articles. It’s possible to do this yourself, but have you really got the energy for a second full-time job?


It’s important that once a person has clicked on your website that you hook them. Having a clear target audience is essential if you wish to keep people on your website, and so it should be made bespoke for you. A marketing company should be able to guide you in this and create a website that attracts people to stay long enough to want to come and see you as patients. They may have a marketing strategy like the 7Ps, which is a tried and tested method of dental marketing that some marketing companies use very successfully. Choosing your marketing team carefully is crucial for ensuring you get the results you are hoping for.

Content can be engaging through the use of videos, photographs of the results of treatment and endorsements from patients. You should also have photographs of you, your team and your premises to illustrate that you aren’t at all intimidating and the practice is actually warm and inviting.

Be a website wonder

If you want to have a wonderful website that achieves what it’s meant to do by increasing your patient numbers, and you want people to discover it easily on the internet, find yourself a marketing team who can do the hard work for you, while you concentrate on creating beautiful smiles.

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