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Be Smart: a Guide to Entering the Dating Scene

With today’s technology advancements, dating has become so much more convenient and more relaxed. You can download dating apps such as Tinder and OKC on your phone, get to swiping, talk to your matches, and start going on dates!

However, if you haven’t been active on the dating scene lately, then you might be missing out on the right things to do when you are on a date. Today, we will discuss how you can be a lot smarter when it comes to dating. You can also consult certified Miami matchmakers so that you can be more prepared to enter the dating scene.

Mind the Energy

Have you heard of the phrase “opposites attract”? Well, it is a thing. Matchmakers believe that people who are quite different can become some of the best couples in the world.

For example, if you love talking and telling stories, then find someone who can sit in front of you and listen for hours without getting bored. It’s the simple things that make you complement each other and can make you a better couple. Just make sure that the difference is not that dramatic, as this can make you hate each other instead.

Don’t Rush It

You might be in a rush to get back into the dating scene, especially if you feel like you’ve missed out on a lot or you are getting older. However, dating should never be rushed, as you will most likely end up with the wrong person if you do.

Rushed relationships tend to die down quickly, especially if you don’t spend time getting to know each other well. Be patient and remember that good things take time. If you feel like everything is going too fast, then hit the brakes and try to get to know each other a little more.

The Two-date Rule

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There are times when you’ll feel like you have nothing in common with the person whom you’ve just gone on a date with. You feel like there’s no spark and that it will eventually lead nowhere.

However, some matchmakers say that you must give it at least one more shot. One of you might just be feeling exhausted or not in the mood during the first date, which can kill the vibe. Experts suggest going on at least a second date and then decide from there.

Be Open

You might have a long list of qualities that you are looking for in a person, and that is okay. Setting standards is fine as long as you don’t restrict yourself to them. If you are the type who tends to stop talking to a date just because they do not meet all of the qualities that you are looking for, then you might want to change this behavior.

Be open and try looking at your date’s positive traits. If they miss one or two qualities, then let it pass, as they might make up for it with other great qualities that they already possess.

When it comes to dating, it is best to listen to your instincts. If you feel like they are the person for you, then go for it! If not, try a few more dates until you finally meet your match.

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