Body dissatisfaction risks longevity and self-esteem

In the Body Image report, Mental Health UK outlines ‘body image’ as the term used to express what we think and how we feel about our physical bodies. These thoughts and feelings, which can be positive or negative, play a hugely influential role in the quality of life we live – especially its impact on mental and emotional well-being. Higher body dissatisfaction has been found to have a correlation to a relatively lower quality of life.

An interesting finding, published in the British Medical Journal, has been found in a seven-year long study that investigated physical appearance and longevity. Now there is scientific research to back the philosophy – ‘you are as young as you look’. Perceived age used to typically point toward general health can now be a predictor of long life.

Researchers based the study on 387 pairs of twins in which photographs of them (aged between 70 and 99) were assessed with each twin being evaluated on different days. Findings showed that there was a significant difference between the perceived ages of the twins – the twin who looked the older of the two had a comparatively shorter lifespan.

This lays down the foundation for an argument in favour of non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as Botox Kent to promote a more youthful appearance.

The truth of the matter is that seeing ourselves in the mirror and the dissatisfaction that arises from a less-than pleasing appearance will contribute to unwarranted stress and anxiety. In correcting facial issues such as frown lines and wrinkles with minimal fuss injectable treatments, can be seen as a form of self-care and a way to reduce anxiety and stress.

Appearance bias at play in the workplace

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In addition to the negative effect a less-than pleasing appearance can have on mental health is how it encourages the appearance bias that is so prevalent in the workplace today. There are now scientific studies that support the theory that unattractive employees have it worse off than their good looking contemporaries. Numerous studies carried out tend to lend weight to the argument that individuals deemed physically unattractive elicit negative emotions from others and are conferred the traits of unfriendliness, unlikeable and less intelligent. An individual found aesthetically unattractive is also most likely to suffer from verbal abuse in which their appearance is made fun of. The merits and potential capabilities of the individual are put aside in preference for their physical looks. More often than not it is the young female employees who are victims of appearance-based discrimination.

Due to the negative consequences of the appearance-based bias, it has come to be believed that appearance is the all-important key that can unlock the door to success, particularly in the working world. It has never been more important to make a good impression by looking good.

Injectable treatments that are available at a dental clinic such as Stangrove Court Dental Practice can be used to easily and conveniently fix a multitude of ageing skin issues. While reducing wrinkles is a more common use, the treatment can also be used for drooping brows, excessive sweating, provides relief from migraine pain, relaxes tighten facial muscles and prevents eye twitching.

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