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Things You Need to Know About Buying a Car

Buying a brand-new car needs no introduction to what it feels like, but it feels like the way it sounds; anything new is quite riveting. There are many cars to choose from, brands to start off with, type, and then make. It’s like buying shoes, except this time the shoes have an engine, air conditioning, higher awe factor, sitting capacity, and can take you to places where no shoes have ever taken you before.

Owning a car entails a lot of responsibility to the car owner. One minor glitch can affect the performance of the car. When you buy a car, you have to make sure that there are spare parts for sale. For example, the gasket of your Subaru leaks, you need to find a shop that sells the best gasket parts for your car.

It may seem like a simple thing to do, buying a car. It is, though, the idea is quite simple, you like a car, you have a budget, so you buy one. Reality is relatively more complicated than expected, as expected. There are unavoidable formalities and informalities that you need to avoid.

Here are some important things you need to know about buying a car:


First things first, of course, the very first thing you check before driving a car, no, it’s not the brakes. Driving may be a right; however, driving through public roads, which is most commonly the case, is not considered an entitlement. Such liberty requires that you first show a privilege card—your driver’s license.


Modes of payment, most car dealerships accept any kind, cash, card, debit, credit, as long as they get the equivalent exchange that they aim for. There are some rare instances that some car dealerships would accept trade-ins to, but most of the time never to a brand new car, with some exceptions it would seem, but still rare. You must have a clear idea of how you can pay. This would help you on how to approach properly when coming to a dealership. But it is always said that cash is king.


As mentioned above, you must ensure that you have a license before you’re allowed to drive or own a car. But wait, there’s more! You must ensure that it’s insured too. The car should be insured. Though it is most likely that car dealerships give a package that includes a grace period for insurance purposes, yet you’ll still have to get one eventually. It is best to have knowledge on how, when, where to get the best car insurance plans before entering a dealership.

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This is the reason why cash is king. The requirements and paperwork that you’ll have to go through when you opt for a non-cash type of payment are to prove you can afford what you’re trying to buy. If you’re juggling between mortgages, rents, credit card payments, and support costs, then the car dealership would want you to disclose all of these. It is all in the best interest of you and the company, though.

Credit Score

If you wish to buy a car through a loan, then a credit score is the key. The higher your credit score is, then the better deal you’ll get or even a car. As of the time being, having a credit score of more than 500 is considered good credit. Increase that mark within at least the 660 range, and then you’ll likely have a more luxurious offer. Check your credit score and make sure it entices lenders.


You’ll have to know that car dealerships would ask for references from you. This is to guarantee that contacting you when needed would not be an ordeal at all. References in simple terms are just like Facebook mutual friends. If the dealership knows someone you know, they are most likely to trust you to bring home a car worth thousands of dollars.


Try to get the best-discounted price. There are many ways to get discounts. Forget about waiting for Christmas sales or year-end discounts. Check on Loyalty discounts, dealership discounts, dealer cash, dealer rewards, cashback rebates, and many more. If you get to have a discount within the threshold of 3-5% of the price, then you’ve done yourself a pretty good deal.

Test Drive

Never refuse a test drive. This is a general rule for most purchases involving performance, whether a real automobile or just a remote control car. Test drive it, feel its rhythm and comfort. Besides, it’s free; the only thing you’ll expect to spend is your energy.


Get to explore your range of options. What’s the best one, the most affordable, the most where you get advantages and perks, the one that can help you get the most out of a purchase. Weigh your options not only with the car but with the insurance policies, the different offers of car dealerships.

Finally, it’s a choice that no one else can make for you unless, of course, someone else is shelling out money for it. However, if that’s an unlikely case, always keep in mind that you don’t have to.

There is a certain ecstasy that owning a car inspires. Whatever car it is, brand, make, or year. So that said, try your options on maybe purchasing a not-so-old car or a second hand. As long as its functions are intact and reliable, bringing you from point A to point B, then you can save yourself a lot of money in the process.

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