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Can You Have a Dream Wedding at Home?

Love breaks all barriers, and being in love is one of the best feelings, which is why so many newly engaged couples are happy and ready to face the next chapter of their lives. Some have already picked out their venue, others already trying on their wedding dress, and then there are the lovey-dovey couples just waiting for that momentous day.

However, with the events circulating the year 2020 and the current circumstances the world is in, many wedding plans have gone awry. And from all the marvelous wedding ideas, entertainment, and the like, all that’s left is the sad reality we must face.

On that note, many newly engaged couples fail to realize that there still exists a perfect approach to our current situation that also lands the same dream wedding. While it isn’t as grand and fairytale-like as Disney movies present, this method is equally as charming and much more personal.

Today, we will be exploring the opportunity to have the perfect home wedding and why it’s much more beautiful than you can ever imagine.

Why at Home?

We know all too well that movies and shows alike have always depicted weddings as the pinnacle of love, and that it deserves the best of the best; akin to a princess meeting her soulmate. With the ringing of the church bells or holding your beloved’s hand at sunset, mass media has set such high expectations for many couples to reach.

However, we must understand that these expectations are incredibly unrealistic, not to mention our current circumstances can’t accommodate that grandeur level. This realization is why the prospect of holding your wedding at home is not only appealing but also the smarter option.

People fail to see that there is beauty alongside the simplicity of a home wedding, and among the following are reasons you should reconsider:

  • Safety Reasons: In many countries, social distancing rules and guidelines are still very much in effect. And while there has been some form of easing, your safety should be the priority. Holding your wedding at home gives you greater control over many aspects than looking for a different venue.
  • Flexibility: No one knows your home better than you do, and this provides you with so much flexibility from design to entertainment ideas. Unlike outside wedding venues, everything inside your home is fair play and free to customize.
  • Tight Budgets: We should also consider that many newly-engaged couples are struggling financially due to the circumstances. And holding a wedding at home makes way for inexpensive yet magical alternatives.

With that laid out, next comes the process. So, let’s look at what things you need to know that contribute to making the best home wedding.

How Can We Achieve That?

Wedding plansWhen it comes to Do-It-Yourself projects, your number one friend is creative brainstorming. Don’t limit yourself to traditional and bland ideas, think out of the box, adapt to your home environment, and ask yourself how you picture the perfect home wedding. Afterward, grasp that thought, don’t let go of it, and apply these guidelines:

  • Get Creative and Think Design: Does your house have a unique aesthetic to workaround? Or maybe your home benefits from adding in better illumination and outside furniture? Whatever aspect of your home works best, stick with it, and get creative. Perhaps you could create a grand entrance, use flowers from the garden as decor, and maybe even incorporate the outside lounge. Since it’s your home, don’t be afraid to experiment!
  • Enlist Professional Help: Look at it this way, a massive home renovation project requires the help of professional home design contractors, so don’t pass up on professional wedding planners! While they can’t manage everything in the background and offer smooth flow like always, they’re opinions and advice can still prove very useful to have the best home wedding. They might help point out stuff you could’ve forgotten and maybe even give you advice on entertainment and space utilization options.
  • Keep the Guest List Small: Last but not least, keep in mind that we can’t afford to have that guest list of over 300 people. Nor can we slash that in half and call it a day. Choose only the closest family and friends, who are only a call away, and can attend. For all your other guests, one neat trick is setting up a zoom call or live streaming it for everyone to see!

Nothing Is Impossible

It is truly saddening to see these troubled times dictating this new chapter for many couples around the world. However, love trumps all, and nothing is impossible. So, if you plan to pursue your wedding, we urge you to take all this advice to heart. Apply each one, and we guarantee your wedding day will be the best of the best!

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