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Can Your Child Be Sedated For a Dental Procedure?

There are times when your child needs to get their teeth pulled out or their cavities filled. As such, getting them sedated can help, especially when it comes to helping them to stay calm and cooperative.

But in some instances, a child can fall into a much deeper level of sedation than intended. That’s why the dental staff must watch the patient’s vital signs. Doing so will help them recognize if there’s an obstruction on the patient’s airways. But is sedation necessary for kids?

Understanding sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry uses a specific medication that helps patients relax when undergoing dental procedures. Others refer to it as sleep dentistry, although there’s more to it than medicine putting people to sleep.

Sedation dentistry often comes in various levels, such as minimal sedation, moderate sedation, deep sedation, and general anesthesia. Patients who undergo minimal sedation stay awake but feel relaxed. Meanwhile, those who experience general anesthesia remains completely unconscious throughout the procedure.

There are several ways that an experienced family dentist in Meridian, Idaho and other locations applies sedation dentistry procedures. Some involve inhaling Nitrous oxide while others come in an oral package. With inhaled minimal sedation, the patient will breathe a mixture of oxygen and Nitrous oxide. It goes through a mask to help the patient feel relaxed.

Oral sedation often comes in the form of a pill. Unlike inhaled minimal sedation, oral sedation can vary from minimal to moderate. The level will depend on the total dose that the dentist will give you. The pill will make the patient feel drowsy, but he’ll stay conscious while the drug is in effect.

IV (intravenous) moderate sedation gets transferred through a vein, making it faster to take effect. It also allows the dentist to adjust the level of sedation as needed. Meanwhile, general anesthesia will help the person go into a deep sleep. While he’s is under it, it will be challenging to keep him awake until the effects wear off.

Preparing the child for sedation

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Experts often tell parents that the best way to help their children is to understand what will happen throughout the treatment. Doing so will help them prepare their child for it. Parents should also restrict their child from consuming anything before the procedure. Doing so reduces the risk of stomach contents getting inhaled into the lungs as he vomits it.

You should also dress your child in loose-fitting clothing. Doing so will help dental assistants to attach monitors easily. You should provide the dentist with your child’s full medical history. You should also let the dentist know if your child is taking any prescription medicine, including any medication or herbal supplement that he’s taking.

Undergoing any dental procedure should cause anxiety for your child. To help them with the process, you should stay calm and composed while you’re in the clinic. You can also bring their favorite toy or stuffed animal to give them the comfort and entertainment they need.

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