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Choosing a Hotel for Your Trip? Here’s What to Think About

People travel to free themselves from stress. So you must book a hotel that would lessen your worries. To ensure that your adventure stays stress-free, you have to carefully choose what hotel to say in. Being picky in choosing accommodation is even more crucial when you travel alone.

First of all, inspecting the location should be your top priority. The hotel must be far away from areas with high crime rates and near establishments like markets and restaurants. Also, try to avoid hotels near nightclubs and bars as these areas usually hold drunkards and predators.

Hotel Qualities to Look For

24 Hour Reception

A hotel with 24-hour reception is an extra layer of protection. Booking a hotel with round-the-clock reception and security reduces the risk of you getting followed into your room. If you suspect that someone follows you, go inside your hotel and alert the security and reception. They will handle the situation for you and contact the authorities for your safety.


Even though you’re going to spend most of your time exploring the town, it would still be better if you choose a hotel with a pool or restaurant. After all, exploring a foreign place can be tiring, and dipping in the pool at the end of the day might be helpful. Choose a hotel with a restaurant too. You’ll never know when you’ll get hungry, so food just within the establishment is an advantage.

Positive Reviews

Before booking a hotel, make it a habit to read reviews from their previous guests. Often, these reviews are unbiased, which will give you a bigger picture of what to expect. What’s great about reviews is that the hotel management doesn’t have control over them, so you will read 100% authentic testimonials from real people.

Examine the Room

Thanks to the modern era of technology, people can now see and explore hotels with their computers. Examining the room online is a great opportunity to see if their rooms meet your preferences. So make sure to check every detail.

Because of the influence of social media, people became very particular in details like window positions, lighting, wall color, and accents. Oddly, even the flooring has to pass certain criteria, even with the application of sealers for epoxy flooring. For instance, if people find imperfections with tiles, they move on to the next option. As for you, list down what you want to have as a room and find a hotel that offers what you need.

Emergency Exits

emergency exit

We’ll never know for sure when emergencies might happen. And when they do, you’ll need to have easy access to emergency exits. If possible, ask the hotel to assign you to a room near the emergency exits. Remember, time is of the essence in emergencies, so being near an exit might be your lifesaver.

Parking Space

If you’re going to bring a car, it would be wiser to book a hotel with parking. Remember that you’re in an unfamiliar place, and parking your car somewhere unsafe may turn your vacation into a catastrophe. If the hotel has valet parking, that’s a bonus too!


If you’ve been traveling for quite some time now, you’ll know that it’s not a smart move to spend too much on hotel rooms. Because, as mentioned, you’ll be spending most of your time outdoors. However, don’t ever compromise your safety to save money. Learn how to compare different hotels to find one that offers security but won’t hurt your budget.


Checking for hotel accessibility is especially important if you’re traveling to a foreign country. Ensure that the establishment is near the airport and surrounded by shopping malls, tourist spots, and train stations. Hotels that aren’t accessible may take up too much of your time as you’ll most likely end up getting lost. As a result, your vacation gets ruined.

Other Things to Consider

If you want to ensure that your trip is worth every penny, you’ll have to consider the following things too:

  1. Cleanliness — By far, cleanliness is the most important thing for travelers.
  2. Friendly staff — Most travelers agree that a friendly staff can make your trip extra special.
  3. Comfort — Above all things, you need to make sure that you’re going to sleep in a comfortable and relaxing place.
  4. Internet — While unplugging from social media may help make your vacation less stressful, an internet connection may come in handy when you need to look for places to visit.

Don’t hesitate to call the hotel beforehand for concerns and clarifications. Additionally, never book a hotel room without doing your research. You wouldn’t want to waste your money on some poorly maintained establishment, don’t you?

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