Christmas Decorations: It’s Never Too Early to Start

It’s not yet Christmas, but it’s never too early to plan and avoid the Christmas shopping rush. Here are four décor projects that you can start today:

Install New Christmas Lights

Add a new touch to your Christmas decor by installing smartphone-controlled lights. Some traditional lights blink in particular patterns. There are ones that are programmed to change colors. There are even ones accompanied by music. Today, however, you have a more refreshing option with smart lights.

It’s putting together new technology and old tradition. You can control your Christmas lights by simply outfitting them with LED bulbs. With a touch of your smartphone, you can make your lights display any color of the rainbow. It lets you add a personal touch to your Christmas décor as a whole.

Christmas lights hanging in a tree on Christmas day

Just like the traditional Christmas lights, app-enabled lights can be installed and hanged outside your house. Unlike traditional ones, however, you can leave smart lights installed all year round. You don’t have to install them again the following Christmas. Just hook them up to your Wi-Fi when needed.

You can also use smart lights to light a driveway, your Christmas tree, mantle, or staircase. You can even use them as a centerpiece for your Christmas Eve dinner.

Start a Holiday Craft Project for the Kids

Kids are always the happiest during Christmas. Take advantage of their enthusiasm by allowing them to join the décor preparations. You can ask them to create sparkles or ornaments to be hanged all over the house or let them help you create a calendar countdown.

Creating sparkles are easier, and you don’t have to supervise them the whole time. Give your kids star-shaped cutouts of aluminum foil with strings attached to them and tell the kids to hang them all over the house. You can do the same with small ornaments that kids can comfortably handle.

Embellish Windows with DIY Decor

While the kids have a project of their own, you can start one for yourself. If you like putting up Christmas décor outside your windows, this project will be perfect for you.

As soon as autumn starts or the pine cones start to fall, gather them in a rectangular wooden basket that will fit your window sill. You can also put them in empty planter boxes or pots on your porch.

Pine cones sprinkled all over your window and porch are a great way to add “plants” outside your house until you can replant again in the spring. It’s weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about them dying.

Apply Different Table and Chair Crafts

Family wearing Christmas hats and exchanging gifts

Dress up your couch with Christmas-inspired pillowcases. You can buy or make them yourself. Choose designs that will complement the overall concept of your Christmas décor. Typically, the best colors to pick are red, green, and white. If you want to make ones by yourself, try stripes or star designs.

You can also add bows around throw pillows and dining chairs to give them a Christmas-inspired look.

Christmas is the season when it’s always the more, the merrier. Don’t limit yourself with the décor ideas mentioned here. To make your home looking more festive, add more decorations, but don’t forget that everything should complement each other.

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