Common Home Problems During the Hurricane Season

Living in the Caribbean comes with one huge downside: the hurricane season. Hurricanes are dangerous for your life and for your property. Your home and business can be severely damaged, costing thousands in repair, and not just from flying debris or the force of the wind. This is why it’s important to be aware of all the problems that can face your home during the hurricane season. Hurricanes can cause structural damage and disruptions in power supply. Not being prepared can be a risk to life, and it can be expensive. Here, we talk about some of the most common problems that can befall your home during the hurricane season.

Electricity failure

The most significant and common problem with hurricanes is the widespread power outage that they can cause. The power outage can affect entire cities at a time, depending on the severity of the storm. The intense wind can blow down power lines and disrupt service to your neighborhood. Sometimes it may take utility companies days before they can get it all up. This is why you should be prepared in advance for a prolonged power outage.

Always keep supplies of batteries and flashlights stocked up. Also make sure that you have enough candles to last you in the worst-case scenario. Be aware that downed power lines pose an added and serious risk of electrocution. Never approach an area if you know that power lines have been downed. Make sure that you have a backup source of power by taking action ahead of time. A reputable local generator repair shop in Trinidad can evaluate your generator and ensure that it is fit for emergency use.

Gas leaks

checking for gas leaks

Something rare but potentially fatal that can occur after a hurricane is a gas leak. This can take place anywhere along the line, including underground. You need to be careful about the signs of a gas leak. Falling trees, flying debris, wall collapses can all lead to a disruption in the pipelines. If you notice that your house or outside smells like sulfur or rotten eggs, always inform the utility company providing gas to your home. Ensure that no one turns on the stove until everything has been surveyed by an expert and declared safe.

Water damage

Hurricanes and storm surges come with the added downside of flooding. Water getting into your home can cause structural damage to your foundations. Your walls can get moldy, and the weather following a hurricane means that it may take weeks to dry. If the flooding is severe enough, there might be little that you can do to protect your home. In any case, contact professionals to dry out your home as best as they can. Remember that water encroaching into your home can cause short circuits in your electrical lines. So always disconnect all your electrical appliances before the storm hits.

It’s important to be always on top of yourself during the hurricane season. Carry out routine maintenance ahead of time, and never put off doing regular checks. There can be threats from many different sources following a hurricane.

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