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Al Fresco Dining: Considerations When Extending Your Establishment

Many restaurants and establishments will place a good amount of emphasis on the general atmosphere and overall impact of their business on customers and potential clients. This is why many food establishments heavily invest in good furniture, comfortability, and an ambience that will help reel in customers.

Of course, there’s more to catering to customers than just investing in your establishment’s theme and ambience. Food and service are major influencers of how well customers will react to the establishment. This will also influence long-term customers and the frequency of them coming back to your restaurant.

Another important aspect that will affect clients’ and customers’ moods is the location and the topography of the area. Of course, a resort that will have its own dedicated restaurant that’s situated close to a beach will get more attention than establishments that are placed in areas that are placed in commercial malls and areas.

If you’re managing a restaurant that can utilize the location to its advantage, al fresco dining is one of the best ways of combining the beauty of your landscape while also giving your customers the luxury of eating outside the establishment.

Before you extend your food establishment to have an exterior part for dining, you’ll need to consider various factors. Here are some important factors that you’ll need to consider to maximize the satisfaction of customers.

Creating Some Shade

Let’s face it: there will be no air conditioning or heating outdoors, and the last thing that customers want is sweating from the sun’s scorching heat or getting soaked from the rain. Although HVAC systems only work indoors, you can still give shade to

It’s important to remember that you’ll need to keep in mind the style of your awnings. This will ultimately depend on the architectural style and the theme of your restaurant. There are a variety of styles that you can choose from. If you’re going for a more “country” look, or one that’s Mediterranean and Middle-eastern, some awnings are quite easy to attach to your building. In some cases, awnings can be retractable so that they won’t accumulate rainwater or snow for extended periods of time.

Some restaurants will use awnings for architectural styles to reduce glare and sunlight that might get inside the establishment. Not only is this a great way of maximizing the comfortability of customers, but this is also a good way of preserving the quality of furniture. If you’re not quite sure where you can get high-quality awnings, there’s a commercial awning company that’s known for selling patio awnings, louvred roofing, and external blinds that can help reel in the foot traffic that you deserve.

When there are hundreds of food establishments in your area, having the proper awnings can definitely give you an advantage over your competitors. You’ll need to stand out from the rest of the other restaurants.

If you’re not quite sure on what you’ll need, you can ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the purpose of the awnings that I’ll need?
  • Where do you want to install the awnings?
  • Will the style harmonize with the rest of the establishment?

Additional Features to Think About

al fresco dining

Contrary to what most people believe in, many restaurant awnings can have additional features other than providing shade and protection from the elements. Most business owners would suggest hooking up lights if many individuals plan to stay in your restaurant until night-time, and heaters can maximize customers’ dining experience.

New tech innovations such as retractable side walls are a great way of protecting customers from sunlight or giving them much-needed privacy if needed. Many of these awnings can be rolled down or utilized with side way panels to make dining even better. In some situations, restaurants will also use rain and sun sensors that can automate awnings if ever it starts precipitating or if it’s too hot.

There is a myriad of benefits from setting up an alfresco dining area for your establishment. Not only will this give your restaurant a good amount of je ne sais quoi and can make the dining experience even more memorable, but this can give you an edge over other restaurants. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that al fresco dining is definitely one of the classiest ways of spending a quiet morning or afternoon while having your favourite cup of tea.

Still, it’s important to remember that you don’t necessarily have to force out the awning look for your restaurant. The awning style and the features that you will need to choose will depend on the theme you’re going for and the weather conditions in place.

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