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Considering a Granny Flat? Here Are the Benefits You Should Expect

Constructing a granny flat is probably the most affordable way to extend to your home. A granny flat is an additional suite or an accessory dwelling place, often attached to the main building. They are usually designed for seniors, allowing them to live near their loved ones while enjoying their private space. It helps them maintain their freedom and independence.

If you’re considering building a granny flat in Melbourne, you will get a lot of perks. Apart from increasing the market value of your property, granny flats offer the following benefits:

It’s Good for Downsizing

When all the birds have left the nest, you might consider moving into a smaller space. After all, you no longer need a space like you did when your family was growing and expanding.

As an empty nester in Melbourne, you can simply engage granny flat companies to construct one next to your main home. With the structure in place, you can establish an income stream by letting the main house.

Helps Your Children Save

When you build a granny flat, your children can stay in that small living space as they save for their own homes. With rising house prices, it might take a while for some children to pool a down payment. Although small, a granny flat packs all the necessary functions of a conventional home, while generating a smaller household bill.

With a granny flat, your children can cut corners without sacrificing the comfort of a living space.

Serves as a Quiet Home Office

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With an increasing number of home-based businesses, a well-furnished granny flat can provide the ideal workspace near your home.

Whether you are a writer, online marketer or transcriptionist, you can build a suitable space to do your work without interruption. With that in mind, you can save money and time in the long run.

Creates a Space for Disability Care

If you have a family member with a disability, a granny flat can provide a safe space to live and receive home care services. Your loved one no longer has to go to a disability home. He or she can stay near the family and at the same time, receive adequate medical attention.

Serve as Your Children’s Nook

When your children grow big and ask for greater independence and privacy, the granny flat can be their nook. It’s a suitable place to live without steering too far from the nest.

When you finally find a reliable granny flat builder, ensure that the contractor follows the building codes in the area. Construction of granny flats must follow certain building principles. In addition to following your design preferences, the builders should prioritize adhering to building codes. For instance, when it comes to design, the structure can take many forms based on your likes and dislikes, but building regulations must come first.

Once constructed, your granny flat will give you many years of comfortable, economical and functional living.  Whether it will be occupied by you and your spouse, your children or your loved ones, the granny flat, despite is size, will be the home of many happy memories.

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