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Copying Stars’ Homes This Fall? Interior Designers May Not Like It

When home tour videos became popular on Youtube, celebrities joined the bandwagon and proudly showed their multi-million dollar abodes as well. And, naturally, their fans fell for their aesthetics, making it a goal to adopt the same styles for their homes as well.

Kim K’s “minimalist monastery” home, as she called it, was praised by her followers, with its monochromatic color palette that looked clean and fresh. However, interior designs have a different opinion.

Of course, all of us should be free to style our homes however we want, but if your goal is to have an inviting, cozy, and timelessly-appealing space, it’s best to listen to the design experts instead of celebrities.

And since fall is coming, you’re probably thinking of redecorating again. Hence, here’s how to avoid falling into the trend trap while re-styling your crib for the next season:

1. Add Layering and Texture

We’ll have cooler weather again by next month, so it’s the perfect time to implement warmth and comfort into your home. Though a minimalist and monochromatic style can be refreshing to the eye, they can lack character, and therefore look boring. Interior designers recommend adding layering and texture as a solution. It’ll make your space feel more homely, especially with additional pieces such as handmade decor and warm woods.

If a muted palette is your cup of tea, consider a Muji-style home instead of a monochromatic one. A Muji-style home is still on the minimalist side but uses a lot of warm wood and different textures. It’s trendy but isn’t likely to get boring because you can easily add accents and layers to it without reducing its Zen quality.

2. Soften Your Lighting

In an industrial-style celebrity home, you’ll usually see Edison bulbs hanging from the ceilings. Though they emit a utilitarian vibe, experts still advise against using them, as they can look too harsh.

Thus, opt for softer lighting, like string or Christmas lights. Even if your space isn’t an industrial one, such lights will deliver an alluring effect, which is Pinterest-worthy but isn’t an eyesore. And considering that the holiday season is approaching, you can now have a Christmas lights installation carried out in your home without feeling like you’re celebrating too early.

There are many ways to decorate with Christmas lights even if it isn’t the Yuletide season yet. You can hang it around a mirror to save on vanity lights, or use it as romantic landscape lighting.

3. Use Plaids and Leather

Instead of sticking to plain drapes like your favorite influencer does, add more interest to your windows by choosing plaid patterns. Susana Simonpietri of interior design company Chango and Co. approves of this style for fall and recommends pairing it with leather. She also suggests mixing black-and-white plaid with coral, red, and brown accents. As a result, you can still have a neutral-colored space without sacrificing visual interest.

4. Ditch the Dull Grays

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Another trendy style that has been around for a time now is gray furniture. But it’s showing signs of going far, for which Kathy Anderson of Anderson Design Studio is happy about.

Hence, swap out the dull grays for a livelier, more eclectic mix of tones and decor. For fall, interior designers approve of Bohemian accessories, matte finishes, chunky wool knits, and colorful indoor plants. Anything that deviates from the dull grays, as long as they’re not over-the-top, earns their thumbs-up.

Copying your favorite celebrity’s aesthetic isn’t always bad, but keep in mind that your home should express who you are, not merely what’s trendy. It’s all a matter of achieving a balance between respecting the art and science of interior design and following your tastes.

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