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The Perfect Countries For Foodies From All Walks Of Life

A foodie is someone who has an avid interest in food and the latest fads relating to food. Most foodies would go to different places and eat in different restaurants to try new dishes. Besides that, they love cooking new recipes based on cookbooks and trying new food trends. They would even sometimes travel to other countries to experience the local culture, and of course, to immerse themselves in the food.

Top Foodie-Friendly Countries

Traveling is now relatively safer, so it would be the perfect time for you to take a break from your job – whether you work as a vent cleaner or you own a restaurant. Reward your hard work and book your flight to the next foodie-friendly destinations that give you a memorable dining experience. Here are some of them:

  1. Austria

While Austria isn’t widely known as a foodie destination, you should still consider going there. The country has more to offer than their backhendl and schnitzel. If you want to know the specific city you should visit, it should be Graz, which many foodies and locals consider the country’s culinary capital.

If you have a plant-based diet, it would be good news to know that Graz is known for its pumpkin products, so expect to have the best pumpkin soup from this city. There’s also the sandwiches that you can have with some fresh-roasted chestnuts and wine. The other food you should try in the county includes Knodel, Tafelspitz, Vienna sausage, and their Apfelstrudel.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam isn’t only foodie-friendly but also budget-friendly, so if you’re a traveler on a shoestring budget, your dollar will get you a big plate of buffet meals with a healthy iced tea in any of their local com binh dan places. Of course, the northern and southern cities and provinces of Vietnam serve the same food, but with different appeals, and it would depend on your taste buds which you would prefer.

The best Vietnam food experience would be eating in a restaurant situated by a city’s busy roads and doing some people-watching and seeing how different the culture is in this vibrant country.

The streets are beaming with a character that you’ll see all kinds of things being hauled and driven on the locals’ motorbikes, from refrigerators to four family members, boxes of flowers, and even another motorbike. It would crack any traveler up seeing how intense the roads of Vietnam can be.

If there’s anything you should try, it should be their most popular food like pho, banh-mi, bun ca, bun cha, and bun bo hue. Don’t forget to drink coffee in at least one of the hundreds of coffee shops ubiquitous in every district of every city.

  1. Czech Republic

Of course, if you’re in the Czech Republic, the city you should be spending your foodie days in should be the capital Prague, a favorite city of many meat-lovers, but it has since offered some plant-based food for the new generation of foodies.

While the name of the Czech dishes you should try are both difficult to read and write down, here are some dishes in English that you shouldn’t miss out on: goulash, marinated sirloin, schnitzel, garlic soup, and their beef in tomato soup. Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete Czech experience if you don’t try their beers.

  1. Slovenia

For a country so small that it is half the total size of Switzerland, and with only more than 2,000,000 people, Slovenia has a lot to offer travelers and foodies alike. Like most former communist European countries, Slovenia is constantly rebuilding and reinventing its character, which you can see in its food.

What you should know about Slovenia is that it is one of the greenest countries with a climate and soil perfect for growing food. With that being said, you can expect healthy, organic, and fresh food from their restaurants and local dining places. Do not miss out on special dishes like strukli (dumplings), frika, potica (cake), and bujta repa.

  1. Lebanon

If you want to eat some of the healthiest and most delicious food globally, you have to travel around Lebanon. Several food bloggers and experts even rank their food as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world because of its low-fat content. If you’re curious about which you should try when you get there, then try their kibbeh, their national dish. Of course, there’s also their kafta, hummus, fattoush, manakish, tabbouleh, and rice pilah.

Food Makes Everything Better

If you’re surprised by the countries listed here, it’s because listing the common foodie destinations wouldn’t be that interesting. Now, you have more reasons to travel to these places as you probably haven’t been to some of them.

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