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Create Your Home’s First Impression

Are you familiar with Marie Kondo or Konmari? She is very well-known for her tidying courses. She has books that will guide you to tidy up the mess around you. But, if you prefer watching instead of reading, then there’s a show with the title, ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. Through the show, you will notice how big her appreciation towards someone’s house. The way she expresses her gratitude and the way she shows her respect towards the house.

Do you feel showing respect to your house is too much? But think about this. Your house has been protecting you from the sun during summer, from the heavy rain, from the storms, and any other weather that might put you into a harmful situation.

Sometimes your head is filled with the fear of having your friends leaving you. But you have to take note of this. When you neglect your house, it won’t leave you. But it will fail to protect you. Then, why don’t you spare a little of your time to take care of your house?

New Face

If Marie Kondo taught you how to tidy up the inside of your house (including the garage), then you shouldn’t miss one of the crucial parts of your house: the exterior. The exterior is the first impression of your house. What kind of image that you want to show to your friends as the first impression? The first impression is very important because it might affect the future judgment from them. Make sure to leave a good impression.

Ask yourself these questions: When was the last time you cut the grass or do the gardening? How are your flowers and trees going? Have you taken care of them properly? Dead plants and flowers or overgrown grasses are the sign that you’re not maintaining your garden properly. If you have no idea about the maintenance of your garden, seek help. Call the gardener to your house and let them do the job.

But the exterior is not just your garden. When someone visits you for the first time, they will walk to your deck and knock on your door. Now, take a closer look at your decks and your door. If you see the stains on the ceiling below your deck or the soft spots that make you feel disgusted, then definitely it’s the sign that your deck needs waterproofing. Having dark stains with cranky wooden noises will leave a bad impression. Don’t forget to check the other part of your house too! You have to retouch the waterproofing at least once a year to make sure that your family will be protected in rainy seasons.

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Experiment with New Colors

When you’re done with enhancing the face of your house, then it’s time for you to take a look at the interior. First of all, you can start the small steps by getting rid of the things that you do not use anymore. Perhaps, some things bring back your beautiful memories. But it doesn’t mean you have to always keep them with you!

Keep the one that sparks joy and separate them from the others that took a lot of space in your house. Give your house room to breathe; then you will feel better when you’re looking at your house. When you’re done, maybe there are some other things that you want to change. It is normal to feel bored with your house. Maybe you want a new sofa or upgrading your TV to match the trend. But that’s not the only way to change the appearance of your house!

You might want to change the color of your curtains or blinds. Make it more elegant or classy. The choice is yours to make. Some references will help you to decide what kind of tone you want to feel in your house. As time changes, your need sometimes follows. For example, you want to increase your TikTok popularity. Then, a home-based studio will be very helpful for creating a lot of content.

Therefore, start to make a list of your needs. Remember to track your expenses, as budgeting is very important when it comes to renovations to your home’s interior. Make a priority list to match your needs.

Your house is a long time investment. Even in some families, it becomes an inheritance for future generations. Make your house becomes your home. It is a part of your daily activities. It is a part of your life as it protects you from the sun, heavy rain, and even snowstorms. Spare a little of your time to take a closer look at your house, and it will protect you while providing comfort for a longer time.

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