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Creating a Beautiful Home on a Budget

Everyone wants a home they would be proud to show family and friends. Creating one does not mean a renovation or complete overhaul, because there are practical ways of fixing problematic areas in your home. You need not worry about the cost of hiring contractors and materials because the following issues do not require much.

Problem # 1: The room has bare colors

Having a monochromatic house could make it dull and gloomy. Painting would entail physical work, especially if you do not want to hire outside help. If you are renting, there is also some stipulation that you are not allowed to paint your home. So what do you do?

Practical Solutions

Fabric Wall Paper

Using fabric wallpaper is better than its traditional counterpart. It is easy to put up and remove and would not leave marks on the wall. There are also many patterns and designs to choose from at a minimal price. Cotton and polyester are good choices for the fabric because of their lightweight material.

Color in your furniture

Choose colorful bedding, upholstery, curtains, throw pillows and even rugs. They are easy fixes to brighten up a room. But don’t overdo it. Pick a color scheme that brightens the room and is pleasing to the eyes.

Art as a focal point

One of the easiest ways to bring color to a bare wall is to put up a piece of colorful art. Everybody’s attention would inevitably be drawn to it as they enter the room. It does not need to be expensive, too. You could look for inexpensive artworks and an inexpensive matching frame. You could even make one as a personal project.

Problem # 2: The room has a low ceiling

A room with a low ceiling could feel suffocating. But, you do not need to go knocking some walls down or do some detailed carpentry work on the beams to make a high ceiling. Some things create an illusion of height.

Practical Solutions

High curtains

Hang curtains way above your window (below your ceiling) down to the floor. This trick is a foolproof way of increasing height in a room.

Use vertical lines

Paint your wall or choose wallpapers in vertical stripes. Vertical lines could elongate spaces. This is a fundamental principle in art.

Wallpaper (or paint) the ceiling

Draw people’s attention to the ceiling by putting beautiful patterns on it. Nothing bold, though, think of stars or blossoms. Something that is naturally seen above. When one’s attention is on the ceiling, they would feel that the room is higher.

Problem # 3: The room has a small area

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Small spaces could make you feel restricted with your movements. Adding extensions may not be a viable option. But, some home accessories could make the room seem larger.


Using rugs to separate or highlight smaller areas create the illusion of a bigger space. You could put on rugs underneath sofa chairs, center tables, or on empty spaces.


Mirrors in strategic places could make the room seem bigger. Mirrors that reflect the light outdoors is an excellent way to make the area seem broader than its actual size.


When you have a small space, forget about overhead lights. Instead of one light source coming from above, put small lamps around the room. The light coming from different sources adds depth to the room.

Improving some features in your home could be done without much effort. All you need are the correct materials, proper perspective, and tons of creativity. Adding beauty, height, and depth to your home could give you a sense of comfort. Decluttering could also make your house more beautiful, look taller and more spacious without spending too much.

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