Creating Luxury in Your Home

Dapper Dwellings: Creating Luxury in Your Home (Without Burning Your Budget)

In a parallel universe, you have a world-class designer at your disposal. At your command, your award-winning interior design team will move to create a space that exudes sophistication, luxury, and sheer comfort. But in this universe, reality can bite. Our wallets can run dry.

Fortunately, there are ways to create an upscale look in your home, without blowing up your budget. With a strategic styling, some simple adjustments and a few inexpensive additions, you can create a magnificent space on a shoestring.

Not convinced yet? Here are some ways you can update your space to make it look regal:

1. Illuminate with lighting and room-brightening paint

Illuminate with lighting and room-brightening paintLighting, both natural and artificial, is essential for a room to look its best. DIY a light fixture upgrade to create a major visual impact on a room.

If a special light fixture is still beyond your budget, paint the walls a bright color. Choose a white wall paint or go for a creamy neutral color. Bright-colored paint bounces natural light all around and instantly creates a fresh, clean atmosphere reminiscent of a hotel room.

2. Hang a big mirror

You already know about hanging a mirror in a small room to make it look bigger. But mirrors do more than simply creating the illusion of a bigger space.

Mirrors do wonders for homes of all styles and sizes. For one, they reflect light, which makes the room look more spacious (and therefore more luxurious.) The bigger your mirror, the bigger the impact it creates. And you don’t need to burn your budget on a giant mirror. Check IKEA for one of those small mirrors that you can collage to form a bigger one.

3. Hang an oversized art

Illuminate with lighting and room-brightening paint

Like a large-scale mirror, a large piece of art can up the expensive look and feel of a room. One oversized art piece can create a significantly bigger impact compared to several smaller ones. You can even DIY your own oversized art so you don’t burn your budget.

4. Use drapery to fool the eye

Expensive, luxurious homes have one thing in common: high ceilings that make space look immense and expansive windows that flood the room with natural light. Get the look by hanging your drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. Never hang it directly above the window frame. Hanging your curtains high up also draws the eye up and creates the appearance of a loftier space.

Adding sheer curtains can also do the trick. Light fabrics soften the light that comes in, filling the space with a warmth that feels expensive and feels cozy at the same time.

5. Go for cushiony seating

Soft cushions work to add luxury to any space. Choose seating with Go for cushiony seating tall legs, to make the other bulky details in the room (such as your couch or bulky appliances) appear visually lighter. Bulky items can drag down the coziness and elegance of a space, and countering the massive appearance with cushions can help create warmth. If a new chair or sofa is out of the budget, go for pillows and extra cushions that you can add to your existing seating.

6. Add a rug

A cluttered space filled with a hodgepodge of decorations and furniture tends to look cheap. A nice rug can bring all the elements of a room together, especially in homes that have mismatched furniture.

Choose a rug that makes a statement. As your rug serves as the room’s foundation and sets the stage for the rest of the space, you want to go for an eye-catching piece. Even if the room has an existing carpeting, adding a rug on top can help define the space.

What’s more, an area rug adds warmth – the larger the rug, the more luxurious it will look.

7. Add natural textures

High-end designers make a room feel more luxe by taking natural textures and incorporating it into the room’s design. Adding natural textures also help add depth to a space. To use this designer hack, you may add a wicker lamp or a rute jug to a corner table, for example. You may also throw in a nice, oversized faux fur rug. Try scouring online shops for a cheap tall basket that adds texture as it provides some extra storage.

8. Create fresh flower arrangements

Create fresh flower arrangementsFresh flowers hardly make a dent on your wallet, but they create a monumental impact on your space. Pick up a bouquet from the grocery store, pick several sleek vases, create several chic arrangements, and spread them around your home. If you can’t find anything you like at the store, cut a few trimmings off a plant or a tree and casually place them in a floor vase.

You don’t need an expensive mega-arrangement to add a dash of luxury to the room – you just need to pick the right vase and arrange the flowers nicely.

9. Add a touch of gold

Add a hint of gold, silver, rose gold, bronze, or any other metallic sheen of your preference, preferably in an area where it will catch a glint of light. You’ll be surprised at how even a cheap vintage bauble, can elevate the air of opulence in the home.

10. Splurge on one item

coffee tableWhether it’s sparkling pendant lights or a sleek coffee table, choose one item to splurge on. Following the previous example, you may also go for a gold (or metallic-colored) item that looks elegant and that commands attention.

You don’t have to go for an overly expensive item to make a high-end impact. You can go for a small, yet sophisticated item (such as a vase) and put it in a prominent spot. You may also spend time on a DIY project that creates the same impact as a pricey, luxurious item.

Creating a luxurious and comfortable space doesn’t always have to be hard on the budget. You can add a dash of warmth and comfort to any room with a few careful considerations and by choosing the right additions. You can even exercise your creativity to do DIY projects that create major impacts.


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