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Decorations to Enhance the Looks of Your House’s Facade

If you are particular in how you present yourself to others, you might be the same when it comes to your home. For that, there are many inspirations to cull from. The architectural design for houses in Utah is diverse, with looks that range from traditional to modern. You are bound to find something that will suit your taste and personality.

When it comes to looks, the house’s facade garners a lot of attention. If you want to embellish it or add a little bit of your own flair, there are ways to do that. These are not as fixed or permanent as you think. So if you come up with different ideas later on, you do not have to worry about making some significant alterations to your house.

Stained Glass

You mostly see stained glass sculptures or designs in churches, but there is the right place for them at home. If you have a large enough front door, you can have one installed there. It will be the first thing that greets your visitors. Having a great design can make it a conversation piece and provide an artistic touch to your house. You can also have some of your windows replaced with stained glass if you want to diffuse natural light differently. That would have a crystalline effect on your interior walls and flooring. That also doubles as a privacy measure, as looking through it would only give you a very distorted image.

Plant Sculptures

For those who have spacious front lawns, you can consider growing some bushes and make a topiary. Let them grow until they are thick and tall so that you can have a good foundation for sculpting it into different shapes. This one would be reminiscent of some scenes in the movie Edward Scissorhands, where he carved a dinosaur made of plants. Doing this will easily fill the space and provide an attraction that kids and adults would enjoy. Lawns would typically look empty and dull if what it had was some plain grass landscaping. Adding plant sculptures and maybe patches of flowers would make it more interesting and inviting.


You can choose to have regular ones made of tarpaulin that you can take off whenever you want. It should serve its purpose of providing you shade from the heat of the sun or cover you from the rain. But if you’re going to be more creative, you can have something customized to your liking. It can add a more personality to a front porch because it complements well with side rails or fences.

The flow of creativity should not stop even when the construction of your house has been completed. As a homeowner, you have the capabilities of instilling your design or artistic sensibilities, and the house’s facade will be a reflection of that. You do not have to be an architect to make these changes, and they are not disruptive enough to alter the overall look of your house. Your home will be an art piece that will always be evolving.

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