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Dentist Canary Wharf, dental care designed around patient individuality

As a modern, progressive dentist Canary Wharf we are focused on providing dental care that is designed to cater for the individual needs of each patient. Everyone is different in some way and at Align & Smile we recognise that a treatment that suits one patient may need to be adapted to treat another patient. Modern dentistry is all about individuality and we respect that, which is why we provide bespoke dentistry for our patients.

Internationally trained team

Our friendly, varied team of clinicians and support staff have received training and experience from a variety of countries. This international expertise is beneficial to our patience allowing us to adopt the best techniques in dental treatment.

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Wide range of treatments

Our well-trained team has such a varied experience that we can offer additional oral care treatments. In addition to extractions, fillings and hygienist treatments we offer fresh breath gum treatment. Tooth wear and grinding treatments as well as solutions to reduce snoring can be provided by our clinicians.  One of our most used forms of communication is our smile and because of a variety of conditions patients are sometimes reluctant to produce a smile. Teeth can wear unevenly or become chipped or cracked. One of the modern solutions to these problems is dental veneers. At align and smile we have the experience to expertly apply this rapid treatment to restore your teeth to a state which will allow you to smile confidently. Tooth whitening has grown in popularity and we provide this service using safe solutions and techniques which will ensure that your gums are not adversely affected.

Orthodontic procedures

Misaligned teeth can cause patients to suffer from loss of confidence because they have an overbite, underbite, teeth jutting out, gaps between teeth or crowded teeth. Dentistry and technology have over the years provided a variety of solutions. Braces that are made of clear material or teeth coloured are now available. Braces that self-adjust reducing the number of dental appointments and braces that fit onto the inside of the teeth making them invisible are now available. There is even a dental brace called an aligner which fits over the teeth, unlike conventional braces which require a block to be fitted to the front of the teeth and then wires and bands are attached to gradually move the teeth. These new aligners fit over the teeth and are produced according to the condition being treated. A series of aligners is produced, each with a slightly different orientation which slowly moves the teeth into alignment. They can be removed to allow for eating and brushing but must be worn for a minimum of twenty two hours per week.

Infected teeth and gums

If you have a badly infected tooth, our highly skilled team at Align & Smile will identify your condition and if possible offer root canal treatment rather than extraction. Another important area of your mouth is your gums, which can become severely infected, and we provide periodontist treatment for this condition.

Lost teeth

Dental bridges and dentures have been the standard treatment for lost teeth for decades and while still effective there is a new more permanent and stable treatment available. Dental implants provide a stable replacement to lost teeth mimicking natural teeth. A prosthetic root, in the form of a titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. A crown, shaped and coloured to match the surrounding teeth is created and fixed to the top of the post. The result is a prosthetic tooth that looks, feels and performs just like a natural tooth.

Complete dental care

Smile & Align have the team, knowledge and expertise to provide complete dental care to patients of all ages and diversity with care, understanding and respect.

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