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Dental Check: 3 Ways You Could Lose Your Teeth Sooner Than Later

Everyone knows that losing teeth comes with old age. The enamel wears away as one gets older, making their pearly whites vulnerable to damage and decay. But, what a lot of people don’t know is that they could experience this very same dental problem even before they hit their 40s or 50s. Here are the ways you could be losing teeth sooner than later:

You use your teeth as a ‘tool’

For instance, you open bottle caps or lids with it, or you loosen knots and cut threads by gnawing at them. The truth is, when you put too much pressure on your teeth, they can literally break away from your gums. They can also get cracked or chipped, at the very least. Avoid these habits as much as possible. The same effect happens when you grind teeth. Use a mouth guard if you have this nightly clenching routine. At the same time, consult an orthodontist. Oviedo, FL-based practitioners explain that most people suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding because of another equally serious dental problem: crooked teeth. In this regard, dentists not only recommend mouth guards, but also orthodontic appliances, like braces or Invisalign to help straighten teeth.

You smoke

Smoking is bad for your health — but especially for oral health. This habit weakens your immune system, disabling your body to fight off possible infections in the mouth. Smokers then become more susceptible to gum disease, a common cause of tooth loss. Interestingly though, smokers can’t see the symptoms yet, until the complications become more serious. Why is that so? Well, smoking masks gum bleeding, making the gums healthier than they really are. You go huffing and puffing, thinking it doesn’t hurt you, only to realize later how significant the damage already is, with teeth loosening. The best thing to do? Quit smoking. Ask your dentist for their cessation programs. Be accountable to your family and friends, so they can check up on your progress every now and then. Most importantly, watch out for your triggers. Stress, boredom, or the smell of cigarettes might urge you to buy a pack.

You’re constantly anxious

anxious child

There are lots of ways stress can contribute to tooth loss. For one, similar to smoking, stress also weakens the immune system, which again, makes gum disease, and then tooth loss more likely. Stress is also closely associated with poor hygiene. When you’re always tired, physically and emotionally, you tend to neglect taking care of yourself. The two-minute duration recommended for brushing teeth seems too much to bear already. So you don’t do it altogether. Add here the fact that you tend to munch on unhealthy snacks, which not only add an inch on your waist, but also build up plaque in the mouth. Of course, you already know what this means. Tooth decay. When this goes unaddressed, it can inevitably result in tooth loss. The way to prevent all of this is to address stress. If you can avoid it, do it. If you can lessen its impact on you, go pursue that. Take a break from stressors every now and then.

You’re equally at risk for tooth loss even if you’re not in your twilight years yet. If you have these habits above, you could expect missing teeth sooner than later.

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