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What are dental implants?

Dental implants Windsor are deemed as the best form of tooth replacement within the field of restorative dentistry. Dental implants are the right solution for patients experiencing the loss of one, several, or even a whole row of missing teeth. Implant dentistry serves as a durable and thus long-term solution to tooth loss: but what makes oral implants so effective?

Did you know?

Bridges, dentures, and even flexi-dentures are not the only solutions for patients suffering from missing teeth. Unfortunately these options are not considered long-term solutions, which is why (with thanks to modern advances in dental technology) oral implants are suitable for those looking for long-term solutions rather than temporary treatment options.

Implant dentistry that you can trust

Oral implants not only offer durability and peace of mind for patients worldwide but also both a safe and clinically proven solution to an incomplete smile. Oral implants allow patients to gain dental freedom once again, giving them the ability to chew, brush, and partake in all dental tasks normally.

Why is it so important to replace your missing teeth?

Within the hustle and bustle of everyday life, patients may feel overwhelmed with work, family, and even social commitments, which may cause their oral health to slip down the priority ladder. Despite a busy schedule, your dental health should never be overlooked, and experiencing tooth loss can unfortunately cause more serious health issues that need to be addressed. When the natural teeth are lost, the jawbone and surrounding tissues can start to reabsorb or even disappear over time.

So, what’s the solution?

Oral implants! When the oral implant is placed within the jaw, it encourages the remaining bone to grow again and mesh around the titanium screw and restores the function of the teeth, making it a very durable option.

So, how does it work?


The oral implant itself is a tiny titanium screw (typically less than 1 cm in length) that take on the role of the tooth root within the mouth. The implant supports the abutment, also known as the connector, in addition to a replica porcelain crown that is matched to both the shape and shade of the surrounding teeth. Once the oral implants are established within the jaw, crowns, bridges, and even dentures can be fixed onto the implant, which results in an extremely secure result

Will my oral implants stand out?

Not at all! Understandably, many patients may be worried that their new replica crown will look fake to observers when they smile! However, thanks to advances within modern dentistry, the majority of dental clinics are now able to match the crown to the natural teeth quite well, which ensures a natural-looking restoration.

What are the benefits?

Oral implants stimulate the remaining bone to grow and this prevents a loss in bone density. In addition to this, they also help to retain bone structure, which prevents patients from adopting a sunken look. Lastly, oral implants help to restore the function of the mouth which allows for normal eating and brushing.

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