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Design Alternatives for Pool Roof Enclosures

With the rage in outdoor living, more and more property owners are now taking a keen interest in the construction of perfect outdoors. To this end, virtually every property currently has a swimming pool, entertainment patio, and greenhouse. While greenhouses are primarily meant for hobby farming, you can also get a bountiful harvest from your greenhouse with the right design.

The greenhouse conservatory design you pick should thus be expertly guided to ensure profits from your hobby farming and guarantee your comfort in the greenhouse. Other than the right greenhouse, it is essential to invest in a pool enclosure. This is a structure that surrounds your pool and primarily protects it from falling debris and environmental elements. Moreover, it adds a privacy layer to the pool, so you need not worry about prying eyes and also adds a stylish element to the pool. The following are the pool enclosure design options you have for your property.

Mansard Roof Enclosure

This marks the most popular pool enclosure choice. It is flat in the middle then slopes at an angle on its sides. The primary benefit of a mansard roof enclosure is the open and spacious atmosphere it lends to your pool. The hip roof enclosure is a variation of the mansard roof. It slopes on all sides then meets at its tallest point rather than flatten at its mid-point. Owing to its unique design, the hip roof enclosure is taller and makes the space around the pool look spacious. Furthermore, it is resistant to the destruction caused by strong winds.

Dome Roof Enclosure

This is dome-shaped and gradually slopes on all sides towards a center top. It adds a majestic atmosphere to your pool area and has an extremely appealing architectural design. Dome roof enclosures are stable and thus the best for resisting storms and strong winds that would otherwise destroy other enclosure designs.

Gable Roof Enclosures

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These are at times called A-frame enclosures. They feature two sloping sides creating a triangle. The most significant benefit of gable roof enclosures is their ability to stand without being attached to your home. They will thus suffice for properties that have their swimming pools far out in the yard.

Double Story Enclosures

These are perfect for those with have townhomes or double story homes. They generate an extra openness to your swimming pool and enclose your first-floor balcony. Though exceptionally beautiful and a perfect complement to most homes, double story enclosures are expensive and challenging to construct.

Custom Enclosures

These are ideal for those whose swimming pools have complicated designs and cannot fit other enclosures. Custom enclosures can be made to match your main property’s roof, the swimming pool’s contours and to tie together your entire outdoor design. Though costly, they guarantee designs that suit the other structures on your property.

Several material options exist for the above enclosures. Polyester nonetheless remains the leading material choice for pool enclosures. This is because it is more durable and stronger compared to regular screens and has UV-resistant characteristics that avert its fading. Some have biocides that are insect-resistant and have reduced heat retention and glare, making your pool comfortable and safe.

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