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Design Ideas for Elements of a Modern Walk-In Shower

More homeowners are now remodeling their bathrooms to generate a spa-like look. A place can have different sources of decors for this aesthetic look. For instance, in Salt Lake City, people can look for hot tub dealers and fixture suppliers from who they can buy equipment or items.

The latest trend to achieve this spa-like appearance is the walk-in shower design. It not only adds an aesthetic impact to your space but is also safer. You can install various elements to minimize the risk of bathroom slips and falls with this design. Modern walk-in or doorless showers are inexpensive, manageable, and clean. They create an illusion of space, making them perfect for small and cramped bathrooms. The fixtures and design you select for your doorless shower are the vital elements in its final look. Here are some design ideas for different features.

Strategic Showerheads

You can select from different mounting options for your showerhead in a walk-in shower. You can have a asingle spray showerhead mounted on one side. You can also choose a ceiling-mounted showerhead. The ideal alternative to maximize your bathroom space is one installed at a corner. This choice can give the impression of a bigger area for you to stand on. Opt for a showerhead that aims straight downwards like a rain-mount showerhead rather than an angled one to minimize the risk of soaking your entire bathroom floor.

Non-Slippery Floors

modern bathroomWalk-in showers are integrated into your bathroom, but they need not share the same floor with your entire bathroom. Have non-skid flooring for the shower area if the rest of your bathroom’s floor is not non-skid. Some examples of non-slip types are vinyl and cork flooring. This element will enhance the look of your shower area and differentiate it while improving its safety. Of course, each type has its advantages, so you should check which one fits your bathroom style.

Half Wall Dividers

To further distinguish your shower area, install a half wall divider. This addition will also prevent water from splashing to the rest of your bathroom without obstructing your line of view. You have different material options for the half wall, but glass makes a perfect choice for modern bathrooms.

Themed Wall Design

Like any part of the house, the bathroom should coordinate with its different features. This idea also applies to the shower area. You can use the walls to give a specific appearance or follow a theme. For example, you want to make the shower look futuristic. You can use wall designs that have colorful or unique engravings. What if you want a rustic feel? Go for the wooden walls and decors. However, don’t forget to match the shower area with the rest of the bathroom. That is so that the transition is seamless.

The different bathroom elements mentioned above ensure that you maintain a simple design that is synonymous with modern living. Let your entire bathroom design flow into the shower to create a perfect and aesthetic look. Thankfully, with modern architectural materials and construction equipment, remodeling your current bathroom to fit in these elements doesn’t have to be expensive. Get creative with your bathroom design!

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