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Designing and Decorating a Granny Flat

A well-designed granny flat can improve the kerb appeal of a backyard and add some value to your home. Designing will also provide the warmth and comfort needed by your loved ones. It also presents an opportunity for homeowners to test their design skills.

You can design and decorate transportable homes such as granny flats in many ways. After comparing various options and ideas, consult a renovation and extension expert for assistance in making your dream a reality. These are some of the incredible ways to design and decorate a granny flat:

Mirrors and Colors

Renovations and extensions of a granny flat are an opportunity for you to bring your creativity and skill forward. Assessing the natural light throughout your granny flat is the quickest way to bring your desired ambience to life. The thicker the mirror on the wall, the more light it reflects and captures. It can make a hallway appear longer and wider than it is. One way to decorate a small granny flat is to place two glasses opposite each other.


One way to add value to a home is to renovate the kitchen. It is a central place that brings everyone together. Renovating a kitchen is as fun as shopping for furniture for your home. There are thousands of kitchen styles and designs such as luxurious, contemporary, and modern styles. You can also add a few stools to your granny flat’s kitchen for guests to enjoy a meal and utilise the space that a table would have occupied.

The Interior and the Exterior

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With the right extension and renovation, you can add a lot of space to your granny flat and utilise it to create a luxurious and modern environment. One way to bring light into the granny flat is to connect the interior to the exterior. It also creates a safe environment for kids to enjoy an outdoor breakfast and play in the sun.


Utilising the available space to the fullest is the goal of almost everyone. The bedroom is where the granny flat needs a lot of storage space, and using the area under the bed for storage is one way to make the most of the space in a granny flat. Apart from the floor space, you can add accessible space such as mounted shelves with hooks to utilise space in a granny flat.

Of course, everyone wants a little extra space in their beloved granny flat. Granny flats have over time gone from backup storage units to a living space, with many families using them as their primary residence. As such, it isn’t surprising to feel crowded in a granny flat, especially with pets and kids.

One thing that everyone is concerned about when designing their granny flats is the size limit. Unfortunately, most states cap all secondary residences at 60 square meters. However, that doesn’t mean that a granny flat should always feel cramped. Instead, there are a lot of options to get a comfortable living experience out of a small and squeezed granny flat.

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