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DIY Gifts to Consider Giving this Christmas

Christmas hamper basketThe Christmas season is upon us, and with just a few more days until the very special holiday, most of you are now probably scrambling all the way to the mall to buy Christmas gifts for the special people in your lives.

However, gifts don’t always have to come from malls. You can simply make your own DIY gifts, which can actually be a lot better than the mall-bought ones! From making cards with a blendable marker to crocheting your own basket, we will discuss all of it here for you!

Soaps and Candles

If your loved one is fond of candles and soaps, then they will most likely love this one. Also, you can never go wrong with these, as they will most likely use it one way or another. Sure, you can buy lots of soaps and candles in the market, but nothing is as special as making your own.

There are lots of soap and candle making courses that you can attend, plus, there are tons of articles and YouTube tutorials that you can watch online when it comes to creating your own candles and soaps.

Knitted and Crocheted Items

If you usually knit and crochet to pass the time, then you can go ahead and knit or crochet for your loved ones this Christmas! Just make sure to start early though, as knitting and crocheting usually takes a lot of time.

Simply look for a pattern that you know your loved one would adore, so make sure to pay close attention to what they wear so you can take those as your own inspiration for your projects.

Simple Printables

This is a great idea if your loved one is fond of arts and crafts. They might love hanging paintings or DIY projects on their walls or even having them framed and displaying them in their own rooms.

There are lots of printables that you can choose from – floral watercolor printables, tropical leaf printables, and even your very own paintings! This is an amazing option, as it is very personal and made by you and with your own time, which will make the receiver feel very special!

Personal Cards and Shirts

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If you are in a pinch and you do not have enough time to curate intricate DIY projects, then consider making your own cards instead. You can simply buy a pre-made card and personalize it or make it all from scratch!

Another great option is shirts – you simply have to buy a plain shirt and paint it yourself! You can even print a few of their favorite quotes or pictures and have it printed on the shirt.

Most people actually prefer receiving personalized and DIY gifts compared to gifts that you buy in malls. As long as you make these crafts with love and your very own personal touch, then the receiver will surely be very appreciative of it!

Remember: it’s always the thought that counts, and gifts don’t always have to be super expensive!

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