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Do-It-Yourself Improvements That Will Give You More Energy Savings

According to reports, the average residential energy bill in the U.S. is $115. Some states go way up, with households in Hawaii paying up to $168 each month. It is easy to see why many people are doing the best they can to reduce their energy usage.

Aside from using less electricity each day, certain home improvements can greatly help in limiting your energy bill. The good news, you don’t really need to spend much and hire experts just to make your home more energy-efficient. If you have the time and are willing to commit, you can try these energy-saving projects perfect for DIYers like you:

Think About Your Windows

Let’s say you did a great job keeping your home in excellent shape. You always have your home repainted, your roof inspected, your gutters regularly cleaned, and your door bottom sealed. But it is not enough that your windows have no cracks and you get to clean them as regularly as you can.

Start by inspecting your windows and check for any missing or cracked caulk. Replace these with acrylic latex caulk and invest in a weatherstripping kit. Properly insulated windows will ensure your home is well insulated all year round.

Don’t forget about investing in the right window treatment. If you are after a timeless, modern look, you can go invest in window shades instead of regular curtains. You can have beautiful custom-made Roman shades and enjoy these energy-efficient window treatments you can install on your own.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Older thermostats may have served your home well for many years. But if you want to save more money, invest in one that is smart and programmable. Resist the temptation to replace our old one with another manual thermostat just because they are cheaper.

Other homeowners would go for a programmable thermostat. This may have a higher upfront cost than a manual thermostat. But these are far more energy-efficient alternatives than the old-school thermostat.

You can schedule and adjust the temperature for each day of the week. This means you no longer have to worry about forgetting to set the right temperature before you head to bed. But then, a programmable thermostat is usually harder to install by yourself.

The best choice would be smart thermostats. These are today’s go-to choice in modern houses as these eliminate human error. You get to schedule your desired temperature and even control the temperature using your smartphone. As long as you install the smart thermostat properly, you can enjoy bigger energy savings.

Invest in a Water Heater Blanket

Many homeowners did not know that their trusty old water heater could use its own blanket. But in reality, you can cut down your water heating cost by up to 45% with a water heater blanket.

If your water tank is already more than a decade old, chances are it is no longer as energy-efficient as it was before. On average, old water heaters can have up to 45% heat loss while on standby. A quick fix would be to invest in a water heater blanket.

Water heater blankets work as your regular blanket. It could be made from anything, from foil to fiberglass or cotton. With a water heater blanket, you can save up to 16% of your yearly energy bill.

Rethink Your Lighting

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Many of us way too many lights when chilling at home. Aside from this, many houses still use incandescent lights. The moment you switch to LEDs and CFLs, the higher your energy savings will be.

But switching your lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones is not the only way to reduce your energy usage. This can be as simple as letting more natural light into your home. Why open your artificial lighting when the sun is shining brightly enough to light up your space?

According to reports, your lighting makes up 12% of your energy bill. Imagine if you cut your lighting usage by half, you could already save more money in the process. So, make sure to turn off your lights when not in use and make the most out of natural lighting.

Do Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

There are things you are better off hiring your HVAC technician for. But when it comes to changing air filters and cleaning your outside condenser, you can safely do these yourself. So, why hire a pro if you can do this on your own?

Quick research will lead you to the simple steps needed to replace old air filters. As a general rule, you need to do this once every 90 days. As for your outside condenser, once a year should be enough.

There are home improvement projects you should hire the pros for. But for those you can DIY, there is no reason to shed money unless you have no time or skills to do so. Keeping these DIY projects can help you save more money out of your utility bills in the process.

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