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Doing your Laundry in 4 Easy Steps

Washing your clothes is a routine you cannot get away from. It must be done depending on the days you need your clothes to be worn again. Sometimes you do it once or twice a week. Just the process of waiting for the washing machines to stop spinning may already take about one hour. For some, you may need to go to a local laundry shop and wait for your clothes to finish. If you have your laundry machines at home, you can do it comfortably while doing other household chores.

Although this is more convenient, there are some cases wherein the equipment is not functioning well. In Salt Lake City, washer repair service is available any time you need it. Early signs of broken machines are leaking and failing to spin. Early on, call a repair service to take action on this immediately. Do not do it yourself, particularly if you are not knowledgeable on the washer parts.

Nevertheless, doing laundry is the responsibility of a person. Read through the four easy steps on how to do your laundry:

1. Labels of Clothes

Try to inspect your clothes. It has individual labels found inside with directions on how to wash them. Some garments may require you not to wash with warm water. Some may even require not to be included in washer machines. These precautionary steps will guide you on how to take care of these apparels.

2. Sorting

There are different factors on how clothes can be separated. Keep in mind that colors and textures matter in how to laundry them. First, gather all your clothes. Separate the light colors like white, pastels, and beige. Use another basket to collect all dark-colored ones like black, navy, brown, and maroon. If you have any clothes that are too dirty or soaked in mud, separate them for another laundry cycle. Heavier garments like gowns and jeans may need to be separated. Towels are also washed longer because of their weight. Make sure to sort them properly to avoid discoloration.

3. Loading

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Load the first set of clothes in the washer. There is a manual or guide for the machine on how the maximum weight it can support. Make sure not to exceed that as it will not be able to clean your clothes thoroughly. Avoid jamming clothes as it may lead to damages. Dirty garments and light-colored ones must be set to hot water temperature. Meanwhile, dark-colored apparel may be washed with cold water. Take note that heavy stained clothes will need hot water to remove the dirt and spots. Garments made of cotton must not be washed in hot water since it has a possibility of shrinking. Put the right amount of detergent recommended with the weight of the load.

4. Dryer

After the washer, you may place your clothes in the dryer. This can make the process of laundry easier. After this step, it can be folded and kept in your closet already. Although another option is to let it dry under the heat of the sun. This is not recommended if you live in a cold climate place.

Your laundry is important for you to be able to function daily. It will be hassle-free if you know the steps and tips on how to do it efficiently.

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