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Eco-Homes: Living with Nature Through Green and Sustainable Materials

Since prehistoric times, the need for us humans to have some form of shelter has been rooted in nature. Back then, construction was out of the question as our ancestors used to go to caves for protection against both nature and wild animals. As time went on, we learned how to put together huts made out of what we can find lying around.

It then evolved to being able to shape mud into bricks and stones into wonderful monuments, some of which can still be seen today. As our building techniques further advanced, we’ve made structures into an art form through architecture and building materials became more and more progressive. However, it came with a price — its negative effects on our environment. Now that we know about its dangers, there are also solutions when it comes to the materials we can use for building our homes.


Wood is one of the most common building materials. Most of history’s monuments that stood the test of time didn’t come to be without the use of wood in one form or another. What’s good about it is that it can be found anywhere and harvested as long as we continue replacing them. It’s also a sustainable material, which means they are eco-friendly and could be recycled.

You can also treat wood as something of an empty canvas, meaning that you can use it for various purposes, both structural and aesthetic. If you notice, some of the most beautiful aspects of your home are made of wood like the hardwood flooring or cabinets made in Santa Ana that are carefully crafted and coated with special material for it to last longer.

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Green Roof

A home’s roof is primarily its crowning glory. It also serves as the overall protection that keeps away the sun, cold, and rain. But, the roof can also be modified to serve a more eco-friendly purpose and will definitely improve your quality of living. Green roofing is a concept that combines a traditional roof with some natural elements such as a material that can hold grass.

Imagine a roof with plants growing on it. What it can do is that aside from aesthetically improving the crown of the house, it can also serve as temperature control, especially during summer. The plants can absorb most of the sunlight and lower the chances of you using air conditioning to reach optimal room temperature.


The issue of too much plastic polluting the world is ever-increasing at an alarming rate. In more ways than one, environmental organizations are devising ways to make sure plastics are being repurposed, and that includes incorporating them into building materials. Since plastic is durable enough, it can be made to serve as walls, cabinets, and even claddings. They can also be reshaped or broken down and remade into new material. If you’re going for this material, try to go for plastics from recycling plants.

Caring for ourselves shouldn’t always be at the expense of harming the environment. Homes are essential to our lives and are an important place for our families. Not only are we helping build better houses using these materials, but we’re also helping the future generation enjoy a clean and green Earth. Let’s not forget that everything we have is from nature itself, and that without it, we can’t experience life as we know today.

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