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Essential Guide to Buying Glass Sliding Doors

Homeowners have that exciting feeling every time they shop around for home essentials. But during home improvement projects or renovations, shopping for materials and choosing the right doors and windows becomes a challenge.

There are so many styles, types, and designs of sliding glass doors in Salt Lake City to choose from. You can find a wide array of door styles in any home center near you; there are also special order catalogs online. Average homeowners with a set measurement and budget need all the help they can get in choosing the perfect sliding door for their property.

The Type of Frame

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice for the home’s patio. The first thing that buyers should take notice of is the type of frame for the glass door. There are solid wood frames that are very expensive because of the wood’s quality. These are usually available only in custom makers. Some manufacturers also developed what’s called a wood clad frame. This type of door is usually built with an aluminum frame that is fitted with an outer wooden cover.

A more affordable option for sliding glass door is the basic aluminum frame. An example of low priced models is the single hollow aluminum extrusion type of sliding glass door. Thermobrake aluminum frames are usually considered by homeowners who experience very cold weather because the aluminum in the inside panel does not freeze easily.

The Type of Glass

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Another thing to consider when buying a sliding glass door is the type of glass to be used. The glass panel can be single or double panes. Most homeowners prefer the double pane glass. These are tempered and even if they break, they will not shatter and cause any harm.

Another type of glass that is popular with those looking for a sliding glass door is the Low-E or low-emissivity type of glass. These types are created to be energy efficient and are among the best options for windows and doors. It reflects heat back to the source instead of absorbing it inside the house. Low-E glass is also effective at reducing UV rays coming into the home. It helps keep colors from fading, as well as prevent damage to furniture, linen, carpet, and rugs.

The Type of Hardware

Consider the type of hardware used for the sliding door. Most homeowners look for a single point lock, which is a hook style latch that locks the sliding door by hooking into the doorframe. This is not a very secure type of hardware and it can be used only as interior doors.

If the sliding glass door will be installed as an entryway towards the garden or the patio, homeowners should choose a more secure type of hardware, such as the double point lock or get blocking bars as additional hardware. Blocking bars are usually made from strong metals and provide a better degree of security for the homeowners.

Your choice of glass sliding door will depend on your specific needs, your budget, and your personal preferences. Be sure to buy only from a reputable supplier or manufacturer and hire professionals to install the glass doors for you.

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