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Factors to Consider in Building a Commercial Space

Utah is a business-friendly state. The government and non-government institutions continue to work in making Utah the best state for doing business. Here, the workforce is educationally qualified, the personal and corporate taxes are one of the lowest in the entire US, and the incentives for business owners are economically advantageous.

Starting a business is not easy, especially if it demands you to construct a commercial building from the ground up. Despite the state support in other aspects, commercial construction in Utah will still require you to invest time, money, and energy to see it come to fruition.

Before you call for an architect and organize a groundbreaking ceremony, ask yourself: Is the building really necessary? Do I trust the result of my market study? Am I financially stable to complete this project without compromising the budget for other matters like production and marketing? If the answer to all questions is yes, and the permits have been approved, you can now start planning. Here are the factors to consider in building the home of your business:

Good Design

It’s easy to think that collecting photos of buildings online is enough to build an aesthetically pleasing structure. Wrong. This kind of mindset usually results in a client paying more for renovation.

Hiring an architect may seem indulgent, but keep in mind that your building is branding on its own. Clients, guests, partners, and employees will initially judge your company based on the structure to which it is housed in. Let your building’s architecture speak for your company’s philosophy.

Other than that, a professional knows how to incorporate aesthetics to functionality, thus creating a well-designed building. Your commercial space should serve its function. For instance, if the structure will house certain office equipment, have a layout that can maximize productivity and accommodate the number of employees.


Your building will eventually house your employees. Once they are inside, you become responsible for their safety. Having a stable building that can weather any storm is a priority especially when people’s lives are involved.

In addition, if the structure is not durable, unforeseen expenses because of maintenance will ultimately leave a dent in your company’s bank account. Think of your space as a long-term investment. Do not skimp on pricier materials if they are known to perform better.

Be certain that your contractor is licensed and efficient. Determine if the construction firm has good track records. See the other buildings constructed under their name for assurance on the quality of their work.


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Constructing a building can, directly and indirectly, cause an impact on the environment. The same can be said once the building is up and running. This is why companies opt for sustainable structures than traditional ones.

Choosing a sustainable design for the structure you’re building can lessen its use of the earth’s slowly-depleting resources such as water and energy. The challenge to you as an entrepreneur and the team behind your construction project is to create a building that is safe and productive for the environment, society, and economy.

This project will be a monumental step for your company. The road will not be a smooth one, but trust that the view from your office will be worth your while.

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