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Believe It Or Not, Hitting Rock Bottom Is An Excellent Learning Experience

Sometimes, fate has a way of throwing every problem down the road ahead of us. And no matter how much effort and time we put in to work against the challenges stacking up, there’s only so much we can do until the inevitable stumble causes us to trip and fall over. What’s worse, these few falls come in varying degrees of intensity and magnitude. And while others can quickly bounce back up with a spring in their step, some fall deeper right up until they touch a rock-bottom point in their life.

However, contrary to the negative emotions and the cloudy thoughts messing up your mental psyche, beneath all that fluff and burden holding you back is a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity that far too many people miss. And even though nobody likes falling and starting back at square one, you’ll be surprised at all the insights you gain from looking up and revisiting your previous steps.

#1 A Chance To Rediscover Yourself

Firstly, one of the few yet exceptionally beautiful things you regain from hitting rock-bottom is the chance to rediscover yourself and find your love for the activities and hobbies lost along the way of dedicating a tad bit too much into a career. For example, all that freed-up time will give you the chance to pick up the basketball once again or maybe hit the gym for a leg day that’s been long overdue. And nothing feels better than taking some time to pat yourself in the back.

#2 Experience And Live In The Moment

Whether you’ve been too engrossed with a business you’ve been building from scratch, an idea that you’ve been investing in with a friend for quite some time, or a promotion that would set up your corporate future, all of these share the same nature of time passing you by quickly. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with losing yourself in the harmony of determination and dedication, but pausing to experience the moment has its merits as well. And, now that you have all the time to sit back, it’s your chance to do the same.

#3 Reconnect With Your Lost Passion

Last but not least, one of the fleeting mistakes that go unnoticed when we forget to look back and connect with our humble beginnings is forgetting that passion and desire that started it all in the first place. Of course, there’s no denying that new reasons push us along the way and meet new people to encourage our motives, but these should not replace our roots. So since there’s not much else happening yet, we suggest taking the time to reconnect with what fuels your ambitions.

Take Steps In The Right Direction

Likewise, while we could list about a hundred more reasons to prove the benefits of hitting rock-bottom, all of these would be for nothing if none of us took actionable steps and preparations to reach said goals. You see, to introduce change in your life, you must be ready to tackle that first step once again, but this time with the knowledge and wisdom that you didn’t know before.

  • Rebuild From The Ground Up: At the top of your list of priorities is rebuilding from the ground up, not necessarily factors directly related to your next project, but life aspects about your personal connections that were overshadowed by your past. For example, your family might be missing you dearly, and it obviously would do you and your loved ones good if you took the time to have fun or finally meet with the family pediatric dentist. The goal is to fix the foundation and reinforce the bonds that keep you stable no matter where you reach in life.
  • Reflect On Your Shortcomings: Besides rebuilding and restructuring your game plan moving forward, we recommend that you reflect on your shortcomings and discern what caused the gaps in your actions. We won’t learn if we don’t face our troubled past and mistakes head-on, so take it with your gut and swallow your pride. But, don’t force yourself to take in everything all in one go, spread them out, and treat yourself to some relaxing activities in between because wellness also matters.

Don’t Let Your Failures Define Your Future

In conclusion, you shouldn’t let your failures stop you from becoming better and attaining self-growth because hitting rock-bottom doesn’t signal the last chapter in your story. So, pick yourself up, take a few deep breaths, ready yourself for that next interview, or plan out what you want to explore next.

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